Hi 10 U Bantam families,


Our athletes have been training hard, and we are all so excited that the meets are about to begin!


Our practice meet is this Saturday, March 7th. The event options are limited for this meet since the primary focus is training the volunteers. For this meet only, Bantams will be able to participate in 1 field event and 2 running events. 


Our only field option for this meet is the Long Jump. Our running choices for this meet are:






The event sign up sheets will be on clipboards with my bag on both Monday and Wednesday. I want your athletes to sign themselves up to increase their independence in the meets by knowing what events they chose. If your athlete will not attend the practice meet, I’ll have them draw a line through their name, and if they want to participate but are not at practice this week, feel free to email me their choices by Wednesday evening. 


The meet is scheduled to begin at 8:30. Please have your athlete arrive by 8:00 and meet us by my bag on the field (near where we warm up). We meet 30 minutes before the start of each meet to get the athletes their stickers, write their numbers on their hands, warm them up, and make last minute adjustments to relay teams. 


Your athlete will need sweats (labeled), water, snacks, and sunscreen. I recommend that they have a bag with water and their sweats on the field, but keep their food in the stands with the Bantam EZ-Up. There is no food allowed on the track.


Saturday will be shorter than a typical meet, but it is a great way to get a feel for what happens at our real meets, and for our parent volunteers to learn their jobs.


Also, if they are going to compete in their spikes (this is completely optional), they can start bringing them to practice this week as we will be using them on a limited basis. 



Thanks so much!

Kristin (805) 766-7171