First Social Run of the 2018 Season!!!

For those veteran Tigres families, please note, the location has changed from previous years due to beach conditions.

Here we go!  The start of another season is fast approaching, which means it’s time for some social runs.  We will be doing these most weekends until the season gets started.  The purpose of the social runs are to get to know some of your future teammates or see some of your teammates from the past, get to know some coaches as well as get in some exercise.  There will be separate workouts for sprinters and distance runners and if you’re unsure of which you are, now isn’t a bad time to try them both!  Parents are welcome to hang out, meet some of the coaches and ask any questions about the Tigres season.  This is NOT an official practice of any kind.

Where? We’ll be meeting next to the Ventura Pier (South side) right off the bike path.  There are several places to park, but if you park in the Crowne Plaza parking structure, it costs $2 per hour.  However, you can get your parking validated by Beachhouse Tacos with a purchase – not a bad idea to grab something to eat after!

What time? 1:00 PM on MONDAY, January 1st.  We should be done in about an hour.

Who should come? Anyone on the 2018 Tigres roster or waitlist.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call 650-678-3681.

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