I hope everyone had a GREAT spring break and will be ready for practice tomorrow! Remember, we’ll be running off campus for our distance group tomorrow, so please plan on running sprints if you’re not ready to run 3.5 mile without walking 🙂
We do not have practice Wednesday, April 12, so please be ready to sign on Monday.

If you will not be at practice on Monday, you can send your event choices to 10u@venturatigres.org

We are hosting the Saturday Meet at Buena High school. It is an afternoon meet starting at 3:00PM please arrive early especially if you are running the 4X100 or the 1600.
I can’t believe we only have two regular meets left. A lot of athletes have been asking what they need to do to go to the Varsity meet, so I thought it would help to send a little information.

VCYTC Varsity Finals
For Varsity Finals the top 9 athletes in the league move ahead in laned and field events (400M and shorter) and the top 12 athletes move ahead in distance events (800M and longer.)
This is from all teams in the league not just Ventura Tigres. You can see the current standings by clicking the link below
VCYTC Track & Field Rankings (athletic.net)
If your child is interested in trying to make it to Varsity, it would be great for you to share the results with them so they can see what they need to do to qualify.
They only have two meets left to qualify.
If you don’t qualify for Varsity don’t worry . We have a finals meet (JV) for these athletes as well.

VCYTC Junior Varsity Finals
Athletes may only compete in an event they have previously competed in during the regular season.
The 4X400 is the only exception to this. Athletes may run the 4X400 even if they have not run it during the regular season.
If an athlete has qualified for Varsity in a certain event, they may not compete in that event in the Junior Varsity Finals. This applies even if the athlete decides not to compete in the Varsity meet in that event or at all.
It’s a lot of information, please contact me if you have any questions,
Coach Stephen