Hello Parents!

Please plan for a wet and rainy day tomorrow, meets are rain or shine.  I will have my pop up so at least a few athletes can shelter under there.

It is VERY important for the following athletes to be on the field and ready to warm up with their 4×100 relay teams BY 7:45.  I know, it’s early.  

  • Charlotte Wilkinson
  • Esther Baum
  • Ila Mansfield
  • Lillian Willis
  • Taya Taulawakeiaho
  • Vivian Redmond
  • Evelyn Kuebler
  • Eden Rouss
  • Allycen Hernandez
  • Cali Ambrosio
  • isabel Herman
  • Zoey Darrow
  • Isla Tarrant
  • Olivia Vera
  • Romy Kohs
  • Maci Azer
  • Hailey Figueroa
  • Marina Brickey
  • Cruz Griffith
  • Gabriel Hernandez
  • Collin Briggs
  • Samuel Svoboda
  • Asher Adaya
  • Joachim Kuebler
  • Joseph Duran
  • Julian Lucero

I will be assembling the relay teams tonight.  If you know you will not make it by 745 am, please do let me know before 7 pm so I can plan accordingly and not break any hearts tomorrow (and save my coaching staff’s sanity).  Thank you!!