Ventura Tigres Youth Track and Field Team

“Tigres vision is to provide high quality track and field programs that enhance children’s lives”


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YMCA Annual 5k and 1 Mile Survivor Walk


On Saturday, July 29th, the Ventura YMCA is holding the Annual 5K and 1 Mile Survivor Walk.

We need Tigres help!

For the first 10 Tigres athletes that email, your entry fee will be $8.  The normal individual entry is $40 and families are $80.  It would be great to see a ton of Tigres athletes participating, so see who can be the first 10 and get your entry fee to the great low price of $8!

Info about the race can be found here:

Next, the YMCA could really use some volunteers for the race.  Please send an email to if you can lend a hand.  We’ll send out the details of where we need the help.

The Summerfest 3k &1 Mile – Saturday June 3rd

Summerfest 2017 Run Information VUSD Middle School 3k and Elementary 1 mile

When: Saturday, June 3rd

• 8:00 – All Middle School
• 8:30 – Elementary Girls
• 8:45 – Elementary Boys

Location: ESC at 255 W. Stanley Ave, Ventura
Please Support Summerfest and Healthy Students by Sending a Team from Your School!!
Here’s How!!

  1. There are two ways your school can compete:
  2. The VUSD school with the fastest combined time of two girls and two boys
    will receive a team plaque.
  3. The VUSD school with the most participants will receive $250 towards their
    cross country team.
  4. Registration is FREE for all students, but all competitors must preregister
    by June 1st.
  5. To enter, please go to: Complete
    information is listed there. Just follow the prompts.
  6. Competitors are encouraged to wear their school t-shirts (but not
  7. This race is open to any elementary and middle school student
    but only VUSD schools can qualify to win the VUSD Championship and
    Most Participants Awards.
  8. All student participants will be awarded a medal.

For more information at this time, please contact Matt or Joy Hammel at


Summer Enrichment Program (SEA)

This summer, through the Ventura Education Partnership (VEP), several academies will be taking place at Ventura High School that may be of interest to those who participated with Ventura Tigres this year.

Ventura High will be hosting a Long Jump / Sprint academy geared towards 3rd-6th graders from 6/26 – 6/30 from 9:00am-1:00pm. The day camp will focus mainly on proper technique in long jump, sprints, and the 4x100m relay.  Each day will be broken up into 2 sessions on the track with one to two classroom sessions watching short video clips.  The week will end with a mini track meet.

Athletes are asked to come dressed to run, and bring spikes if they have them (although spikes are not mandatory).

The academy is $195.  It is run by Preston Biller, who has 20+ years’ experience coaching and competing in sprints and jumps.

Sign up at

2017 Mountains2Beach Marathon Cheer Station

Hello Tigres Family!

Track season is over, but we have one last event to share! Lets get together with fellow athletes and families, have some fun motivating the marathon runners and try to help Tigres to win a share of $5,000.
The Tigres are participating again this year in the Community Challenge at the Mountains2Beach Marathon.  We, along with many other community groups, have been assigned a “Cheer Station” on the route of the Marathon. 
The idea is to cheer as loud and be as memorable as possible cheering on the runners as they pass by our station.  At the conclusion of the marathon, the runners will select the winners of the Community Challenge!  First place receives $3,000, second place $1,500, and third place $500.
We need as many enthusiastic people as possible to join us out on the race route to cheer on the runners!
With over 300 athletes, we have the potential to have a lot of loud people at our station.
  • Tigres will be Cheer Station FIVE
  • Our location is 300 W Stanley
Directions are:
From Seaward Ave.
Get on the 101 N
Get on freeway CA-33 N
Take exit Stanley Ave.
Turn right onto Stanley Ave.
  • Please be there at 6:00 am and we should be done before noon.
  • Wear your Tigres uniform and any Tigres gear.
  • If you can, make a fun/inspirational marathon sign (Pinterest has some great ideas)
  • Bring anything to make noise
  • If someone can bring a portable sound station, please do so
  • Brings snack/drinks, and sunscreen.
  • For more information, visit
  • See photos below for the location.


Hope to see you Sunday!