Head Coach:
Spencer Taylor


Pick-Up Time Correction

Time Correction for those who did not make the picnic that wish to pick up your athlete’s team picture/ribbons/gift. I will be at Buena Track Parking lot from 5:15 to 5:45.

I forgot about Boogie Nights…



Y/I Tigres Season Wrap-Up

Hello, All-
One last time I’d like to thank you all for a fantastic season! But… I wasn’t quite sure what to do today at 4:00 🙂

I put together an end of season video, which can be viewed via this Vimeo link:
Please share with or download for your athlete. Apologies ahead of time to any athlete that is not pictured – no slight intended. The link should be good for a few weeks.

To those several that could/did not make yesterday’s picnic- I have your team photos, ribbons, and athlete gift! I will be at the Buena Track parking lot Wednesday from 5:45 until 6:15 if you would like to come pick up the package.

Keep up the fitness!


TIGRES Y/I Championship Season, explained

Regular Season is over, on to CHAMPIONSHIP Season!

There is at least one Championship for your athlete left – Conference JV Finals West at Buena on Saturday 4/23. Athletes may have also qualified for the Varsity finals which will be held on Saturday, 4/30. I have separately emailed the Varsity qualifiers.  Practices will continue as normal this week.  Below is a description of the JV finals, Varsity finals, and Co-Conference meets so as to help with any confusion regarding the events.

JV finals: April 23 at Buena High School
The JV finals are open to all athletes. In order to participate in an event in the JV finals the athlete needs
1) have participated in that event at least once during the regular season (except for relays, an athlete
need not have competed in a relay during the regular season to compete in a relay at conference finals).
2) have NOT qualified for that event in the Varsity Finals. If an athlete qualifies for an event at the
Varsity Finals, they can NOT participate in that event at the JV finals. Also, the same event limit applies
at the Varsity Finals (maximum of 4 events, a maximum of 3 running events, and 4×400 is excluded from
the total).

Varsity Finals April 30 at Moorpark
 The Varsity Finals are for the athletes that run the fastest, jump the farthest and highest and put the shot the furthest. For each event in each age/gender group the top athletes in the conference qualify for the championships. For sprints and field events the top 9 athletes qualify. For the distance events (800,1600, and 3200) the top 12 athletes qualify.

Each club gets to send 1 relay team per age/gender group for each relay (4×100 and 4×400). A relay team member need not have run on any relay or competed with the other members of any relay prior to the Varsity Finals meet.

Note that each club gets to send relay teams for EVERY age/gender group including intermediates. A relay team counts as an intermediate team if it has one intermediate member. Therefore, a youth and intermediate age group, gets to send a youth team and an intermediate team as long as at least one intermediate athlete participates.
There is no event limit at the Varsity Finals; an athlete can compete in all of the events for which they qualify.

Co-Conference Championships May 14:
Qualification at co-conference is based on the results from the Varsity Finals. For laned events and field events the top 5 athletes from VCYTC (our conference) and the top 4 SCYTFC qualify. For non-laned running events the top 8 from each conference qualify. If an athlete is not available to participate, they will take the next best athlete.

Tigres Y/I Updates

Hello, Tigres Families!
I cannot believe that our final regular season meet is upon us! It’s been a great season, but it doesn’t end this weekend with the late afternoon Newbury Park meet. Practice as normal next week – Nearly everyone can compete in the Conference Finals at Buena on 4/23, where all the VCYTC Clubs will converge. Other reminders:

Picture Day is tomorrow, Wednesday, 4/13 – please have your athlete (and coaches) wear their uniform!

“Varsity” – The Top Athletes in the conference (Top 9 in Hurdles, 100, 200, 400 & Field events, Top 12 in 800, 1600, 3200) compete in a Championship Meet on the 30th. Want to know where your Athlete stands going into the final weekend? Use the Filters (Boys, Girls, Grade=13-14 or 15-16) on the following page VCYTC Track & Field Rankings ( OR if you want to know about your athlete’s season in general… The Tigres Page, click here: Ventura Tigres Club Track & Field Statistics ( You can search your individual athlete for their results from here.

Witness some quality High School Track & Field featuring several Tigre alum- Buena @ Ventura, 3:00 tomorrow in a showdown for the PVL team titles! Most of it will conflict with our practice, but you may be able to catch an hour before and perhaps after!

Gearing up for a sprint to the finish!

Tigres Y/I – Moorpark results +

Hello, All-
One more Fantastic meet in the books… almost.
Our athletes were IMPRESSIVE, the support was AMAZING, and the hosts were TOP NOTCH. BUT…

There are a few reported instances of potential timing issues. Specifically, times may have been mis-assigned to the incorrect runner/jumper in the same heat or event.
If you are aware of any such mis-assigned times, please let me know ASAP! Our athletes work hard to earn their times – they deserve to get recorded properly.

Also- an upset athlete is missing a fleece Patagonia jacket- likely taken home mistakenly by another in our group. Please check your bags and let me know if you have it! Contact me at

Already looking forward to our first HOME meet!


Y/I Tigres Moorpark Meet

Hello, Tigres-
We had very exciting and successful night meet at T.O. last week. A fun time was had by all the athletes and many, many Personal Records were set! We move on to our first daylight meet at Moorpark tomorrow, officially beginning at 8:30.

***3200 Runners, Hurdlers, and Shotputters– please arrive no later than 8 to get checked in and warm up properly.
***4×100 teams run next- no later than 8:30AM arrival, please.
***All other athletes should arrive shortly thereafter to root on their teammates and get ready for their events.

Please remind your athlete to get their bib sticker from the coaches first thing after arrival.
Bring/use Sunblock and Water.

Looking Forward to another Great Meet!

p.s. The times of athlete arrival will remain the same for all normal, daytime conference meets. I will let you know of any changes.

Tigers Y/I – Thousand Oaks Meet

For the first time in nearly 3 years, our Tigres get to compete in an OFFICIAL MEET! Nearly half of our athletes last truly competed as 10u Bantams! I can’t wait to see what they can do out there…

A few words before I get into details. We have no idea on how the meet will run. Individual events have no starting time after the official 4 PM start – they are run in order and the start times will depend on the completion of the prior event. Be ready for hours and hours of cheering and fun! Temps are anticipated to drop into the low 50s as the night progresses. Bring blankets and jackets for those of you in the stands. Sweats and maybe jackets for the athletes on the field. The meet clashes with dinnertime, but only water on the field – have your athlete eat lightly (off the field) until after their events. YuckBuckets are usually provided at the finish line, but… splash page has pertinent details but here is some additional info:

****The 3200 is the first track event, starting promptly at 4. SHOTPUT, LONG JUMP, and HIGH JUMP could start at 4, too. Those athletes need to arrive @3:15 to get their bibs, warm up etc.

****HURDLES and 4×100, must arrive @ 4:00

****I strongly recommend all other athletes to arrive no later than 4:30 to help cheer on their teammates! As a veteran Tigres parent, I know that 90% of this experience for the gang is being on the field, wearing the uniform, cheering, and being cheered for!

****Relay teams are not guaranteed 🙁     I will do my best to get everyone that signed up onto the track, but we need multiples of 4 for that to happen- the assistant coaches and I will scrape and scramble. That said, if your athlete signed up, please be sure to get to the track on time!

First of at 7+ starts tomorrow! Our TIGRES will ROAR!

-(Coach) Spencer

Gym Bag Mix-up

Hello, All-
An athlete likely has taken home the wrong bag from practice today in an honest mistake.

Missing – Orange and Black Tigres bag with “Nicely” written at the opening. Contents includes a pair of yellow and white Brooks spikes, a yellow water bottle, and a blue down jacket.

I have the ‘other’ gym bag – Orange and black Tigres bag with no name on any of the contents. Contents are 1 pair Day-Glo fluorescent yellow Asics Spikes, 1 pair black adidas shoes, 1 black tigres headband, and 1 spike tool.

If you have the incorrect bag, please contact me soon at so I can help arrange the swap.

Thank you – More info to come on the meet tomorrow or Friday,

Tigres Y/I March 5th Meet Info

Hello, Tigres Families!

The 1st Annual Austin Gambill Memorial Track Meet (formerly known as the practice meet) is >36 hours away! Hopefully your young athlete has signed up for a full array of events!

Please talk to your athletes and find out what events they signed up for. Hurdlers, High Jumpers, and Shot Putters – are all up first for this meet! They should arrive by 8 at the very latest to prepare. Everyone else should show up by 8:30 to help kick it off and cheer on their teammates. It is a fast-paced event, twice as fast as an official meet. For the order of events, the call sheet can be found on the Tigres Website on the splash page.

A few things to remember:
     **I recommend a unique small gym or duffel bag for your athlete to hold sun block, water, and eventually warmup, sweatclothes, jackets, hats, etc with the instruction to use it for storage while on the field! Items thrown in a pile on the field are often left… in pile on the field.
     **Water only inside the fence – food or other beverages must be left in the stands for consumption.
     **Only Coaches, Active Volunteers, and Athletes are permitted inside the fence!
     **Get comfortable, make/meet some friends, and settle in to cheer on our Tigres! Full track meets are non-stop action… that will take most of the day.

This is gonna be fun!!!

Y/I Update

Hello, Tigres!
This week is different and will be the model for all weeks to come from here on out… IT’S MEET WEEK!

OK. It’s a practice meet, but we will treat it with all the excitement of the real deal. I will have event sign-up sheets on Mondays and Wednesdays post practice, but have limited events this week (Hurdles, 1600M, 400M, 200, High Jump*, & Shot Put).  Athletes are limited to 2 Running and 1 Specialty – I would like to see everyone try the maximum 3 events.

There will be more meet info to come later this week,


*Pre-clearance required from Specialty Coach