Gremlins Head Coach

Jim Montgomery

Gremlins Picnic Info

Hello Gremlin families,

That’s a season wrap!  Well done Gremlins! I have enjoyed watching your children gain confidence in themselves, nurture a love of running and support each other as great teammates.  This last meet demonstrated all of the above!  Thank you for the opportunity to be their coach – it’s been a great ride!

The next time we will all be together is at the Tigres picnic on Sunday May 19 from 12-3pm at the VUSD office off Stanley – we meet on the fields.  Tigres provides pizza.  Gremlins are in charge of bringing a dessert for 12.  We will have lunch, gather for Tigres-wide announcements and thanks, and then meet briefly as Gremlins to receive ribbons and team gifts – you don’t want to miss this party!  Bring beach chairs and/or a blanket to enjoy the picnic.  Hope to see you all there!

Good luck to our runners in the upcoming conference and co-conference championships!


Thank you & Fillmore HS meet info

Hello Gremlin families,

What a fun practice yesterday!  Coaches and athletes alike had a blast!  HUGE THANK YOU to all those who contributed water balloons – we had quite an arsenal. Special thanks to Brian Scalfaro & Lizzy Isbell for bringing homemade treats – the kiddos had quite a feast of treats.  What a great way to celebrate our last practice!

Reminder that our meet tomorrow is at Fillmore HS.  As you may recall, they don’t allow pop-up tents in the bleachers.  Look for our Gremlin contingency in the stands – our team parent will be there.  We may have a tent on the field to hang out in immediately between events – waiting for final word on that.  As always, please arrive by 8am for stickers and warmups for long jump; please check-in with me by 8:30am for relays or else the spot may be reassigned.

Lastly, don’t forget about our Tigres potluck picnic on 5/19 12-3pm at VUSD offices – Gremlins should bring dessert.  You don’t want to miss this fun event – bring a blanket and/or chairs to hang out.

See you tomorrow!


Gremlins – Last week of the season & 5/4 meet prep

Hello Gremlin families,

It’s hard to believe this is the last week of the season for most of our Gremlins.  This past meet was such a joy to watch – our athletes have progressed beautifully over the course of season.  Their confidence in themselves and independence shines through when they run and in between events. They sure were bursting with energy this meet!   We had a number of PRs including races where our athletes pushed each other resulting in outstanding performances.

This is a reminder about our schedule for the week:

Practice Tuesday April 30 & Thursday May 2 as usual 4:30-5:30pm.  Our Thursday practice will be a fun one filled with games. If any parent can donate filled water balloons, please contact me ASAP – these make the last practice super fun!  I am still waiting water balloon and treat donations – so please let me know if you can assist – THANK YOU!

Last meet at Fillmore High School – Saturday, May 4, 8:30 am (EVERYONE PARTICIPATES!) Signups will look a little different. Athletes who have qualified for championships cannot compete in those events at the 5/4 meet.  Everyone can only run in events they have previously tried – no new events can be attempted this meet.  I will have blacked out those events that are off limits.

End of Season Team Picnic  — Sunday, May 19 from noon to 3 p.m. (Look for more details soon)

Lastly, CONGRATULATIONS to our Gremlins who have qualified in individual events for the conference championship meet.

Evan Abbott 400m & 800m

Blake Aguilar 1600m & long jump

Caleb Isbell 1600m

Zeke Torres 1600m

Noah Ramirez 1600m

BellaMia Hollis 100m, 200m, 400m, & 1600m

Camille Swafford 100m & 200m

Madison Torres 400m, 800m & 1600m

Avery Gilbert 800m & 1600m

Geneva Watson 800m

Evie Carlisle 1600m & long jump

See you all Tuesday at practice!


Gremlins – End of Season Schedule

Hello Gremlin families,

I look forward to seeing you all out there tomorrow at our last home meet! Reminder that Gremlins doing long jump need to be in the tent with their meet sticker at 8am; those doing relay need to check-in with me by 8:30am or else their spot could be lost.  Looks like we will have another cool meet so dress appropriately – make sure all gear is labeled!  Check the lost in found at practices if you are missing anything.

Reminder, we have 2 meets left in which all Gremlins participate. Our remaining schedule is below:

Tigres last home meet — This Saturday, April 27 at 8:30 am

Practice Tuesday April 30 & Thursday May 2 as usual 4:30-5:30pm.  Our Thursday practice will be a fun one filled with games. If any parent can donate filled water balloons, please contact me ASAP – these make the last practice super fun!

Last meet at Fillmore High School – Saturday, May 4, 8:30 am (EVERYONE PARTICIPATES!)

End of Season Team Picnic  — Sunday, May 19 from noon to 3 p.m. (Look for more details soon)

Let me know if you have any questions!  See you tomorrow!

Go Tigres!


Gremlin meet recap & info for 4/27 meet at Buena HS

Hello Gremlin families,

What a wonderful and chilly home meet!  I am so proud of how hard our Gremlins competed and for their sportsmanship.  A great example was that happened in a 200m heat – one of our Tigres Gremlins gave it his all and just edged out a Cosmos runner at the finish – our Tigres Gremlin immediately gave him a high five and praised him for a great race. Just awesome.

We only have 2 weeks left of practice so let’s make these great ones.  The meet on 4/27 at Buena HS is the last meet where runners can qualify for championship meets so it’s a great time for a PR in your best events.  For the meet, please remember to arrive by 8am for long jump and to check-in with me by 8:30am for relay.

See you all Tuesday!


Gremlin team photo day at practice on Tuesday 4/16

Just got word that we are taking a team photo tomorrow at practice.  Please have your Gremlin in his/her singlet (orange jersey) and black shorts.  Coaches should wear their shirt.  I do not know what time the team photo will be taken but it should be some time during practice.  See you then!


Gremlins back in action this week! Meet on 4/20 at Buena

Hello Gremlin families,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend off.  If you had older Tigres competing in the meet this weekend, you saw some great track and field!  Our team had a great showing – it is quite an event with 15 teams from Southern California.

We have practice as usual this week – signups for our next meet will be on the clipboard at practice starting on Tuesday.  Our Gremlins are back in action this week on Saturday 4/20 at Buena High School.  As usual, please arrive to the Tigres tent at 8am to check-in – if your Gremlin is running the relay make sure they check in with my by 8:30am.  I realize it is a long holiday weekend – please let me know if your Gremlin will miss the meet.  We have 2 more regular season meets (4/20 & 4/27).  The final meet of the season for most Tigres athletes is on 5/4.

See you on Tuesday!


Gremlin Meet 4/6 Recap & Gremlins are off 4/12-13

Hello Gremlin families,

It is hard to believe we only have 3 meets remaining as a team!  The progress our Gremlins are making is just awesome to witness  Last meet, we had perfect conditions lots of PRs on a fast, beautiful track with cool temps – we got many PRs!  Our Gremlins demonstrated great sportsmanship too – one of our teammates told me how another runner asked her while she was getting ready to race, “Are you ready to get beat?”  Our Gremlin promptly told her that was poor sportsmanship and ignored her.  Unfazed, our Gremlin wound up winning the race, leaving it all on the track. In another moment, one of our Gremlins lost his shoe – instead of giving up, he picked it up and ran with it in his hand until the end of the sprint, smiling all the while the stadium cheered him on.  What a fun way to spend a Saturday!

This week we will be pushing our Gremlins hard given that we do not have a meet on Saturday.  Reminder that Gremlins do not participate in the meet this weekend on April 12 & 13 – over 2000 runners from LA and Ventura counties come – coaches are not allowed on the field.  All Gremlins skip this one.

Our remaining meets are on 4/20, 4/27 & 5/4. The meets on 5/11 & 5/18 are for those very few runners who quality within our entire VCYTC.

Let’s have a great week of practice  You’ll hear again from me next week in prep for our 4/20 meet.

Take care,


PS Please check the lost and found box & with me – we have gathered quite a lot of Gremlin gear including some in my bag – I would love to off-load it ASAP.  Thank you!

Gremlin Meet Recap and 4/6 Meet Info

Hello Gremlin families,

What an impressive showing for our Gremlins!  It was hot but we had so many PRs and many trying new events.  The sportsmanship I witnessed was outstanding, as well.  And boy, it was nice finally having a home meet!

Reminder that we do have practice this week during VUSD’s spring break.  I will be there on Tuesday.  JJ (Jayden’s dad) will be leading practice on Thursday during my absence – thanks JJ!

Please let me know if your Gremlin will miss the meet at Moorpark High School on 4/6. Signup sheets will be available at both Tues/Thurs practices – you can email me, as well.

Reminder that Gremlins do not compete at the meet on 4/13-14 – enjoy the weekend off!  A few have asked me about the remaining schedule.  For most of our Gremlins their last meet will be on 5/4 at Conference Finals (all can run like a regular meet).  Should anyone have the very top times in all the VCYTC (not just our team), they will advance to the championship meet on 5/11 with the possibility of advancing to the 5/18 meet – I will let you know who that is once that is set (after our last meet in April).

See you all Tuesday!


Gremlin Oxnard Meet Recap & 3/30 Meet at Buena Info

Hello Gremlin families,

What an awesome meet!  We had so many PRs (Personal Records) but most importantly showed great sportsmanship with our Oxnard Star competitors.  Thank you for arriving on time, hanging out in the Gremlin tent area (at our home meets the tent is better placed for viewing along the 100m) and for taking care of your kid’s bathroom breaks 🙂  We learned that we have some fine tuning to do with our long jump marks – we spent considerable time doing that at yesterday’s practice.  Thursday’s practice will focus on a sprint/distant work and relay/strength depending on interest.

The next two meets fall during VUSD spring break (3/30 & 4/6).  Please let me know if your Gremlin will be missing a meet.  We will be having practice as usual during VUSD spring break.

This week’s meet on 3/30 is at home at Buena HS –  hooray!  Sign-ups are on the clipboard at practice. It is a great time to try a new event.  Please arrive to the meet at 8am for stickers & numbering (they are always in the tent) and to be registered as present – by 8:15am the long jumpers will be on the field warming up.  Please check-in with me by 8:30am for the relay or else the spot may be reassigned.

Lastly, the Gremlins do not compete in the meet on April 13-14 so all Gremlins have that weekend off.

See you at practice on Thursday and the meet on Saturday!