7-8 Head Coach

Mike Oesterle

8U Award and gifts

Hello Gremlin Parents,

We did the end-of-the-year picnic yesterday and handed out awards and gifts. For those who are unable to make it, we will be practicing for the super varsity meet on Tuesday (5/9) and Thursday (5/11) of this week from 4:30 to 5:30. Please come by and pick up your child’s package.




4/25/2023 Update on Varsity Meet

Hello 8U Families,

Based on this season’s results we have several athletes who have qualified for the VCYTC Varsity Finals.

Congratulations to them on their achievement!

4x100m Relay: Marina Brickey, Chloe Hathaway, Lila Torres, and Kayla Weber
100m- Kayla Weber, Evie Bart, and Marina Brickey
200m- Marina Brickey and Makena Madden
400m- Kayla Weber, Marina Brickey, and Chloe Hathaway.
800m-Lila Torres
1600m- Kayla Weber and Grace Biller
Long Jump- Genevieve Hauer and Marina Brickey

4x100m Relay: Jayden De Kroon, Gideon Rosenberg, Nash Newman, and Austin Bell
Long Jump- Jayden De Kroon.

The varsity meet will be held at Moorpark High School on Saturday May 6th, 2023.


Coach Mike

4/25/2023 Update on Jr. Varsity Meet

Hi 8U Families,

Saturday is the last meet of the season for many of our 8U athletes. For our family, the season always feels slow at the beginning and then it’s over before we know it. The last meet is bittersweet- while I’m sure everyone will be happy to have their Saturdays back, there is also sadness to say goodbye to track and all the positive energy and competition that comes with it. I hope all of your kids had a great experience and will sign up again next year.

I want to let you know that I will not be there on Saturday because I have to be out of town. Coaches Whitney, Chris D., Chris K., and Charne will be there to take the lead.

The JV finals are open to all athletes. We will have sign up sheets at practice today and on Thursday. In order to participate in an event in the JV finals the athlete needs to:

1) have participated in that event at least once during the regular season (except for relays, an athlete need not have competed in a relay during the regular season to compete in a relay at JV.

2) have NOT qualified for that event in the Varsity Finals. If an athlete qualifies for an event at the Varsity Finals, they can NOT participate in that event at the JV finals. Also, the same event limit for the JV meet applies (maximum of 4 events- a maximum of 3 running events plus long jump).

In terms of logistics for next Saturday, the meet start time is at 8:30. Like last week, I ask you to please get your athletes to the stands at Fillmore by 7:45 so we can get the long jump started as soon as possible. Most of the kids participate in long jump and that event alone can slow down the entire meet so we appreciate your help getting this going first thing in the morning.

I also wanted to let you know that the Junior Varsity meet involves 5 conference teams so it will be a very long day. Please plan accordingly by bringing lots of food and water and applying sunscreen. Also, because there are so many athletes participating, they will be waiting in the stands for their events rather than hanging out in the field. Please help the coaches by knowing what event your child is doing and listening for the call for that event.

Also, I look forward to celebrating with your families at the end of season picnic on Sunday, May 7 from 12:00-3:00 pm at Buena High School.

Please text me if you have any questions, and thanks again for your support in making this a great season.


Coach Mike


Tigres 8U Update for 4/21/2023

!!! Quick update, please arrive at 7:45am tomorrow.

Hi 8U Families and Athletes,

Tomorrow, Saturday, 4/22 is our last regular season meet against the Oxnard Stars.

  • Our meet is at Oxnard High School this Saturday. April 22nd.
  • The arrival time of 7:45 is incredibly important for athletes doing long jump and 4×100 relay. The early time allows us to warm them up and get as many jumps as possible before the relays start.
  • We will meet at the Gremlin tent on the visitor’s side of the field.
  • It looks like we will have warm weather tomorrow, so please pack sunscreen in addition to extra water for your athlete. Please try to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Go Tigres!

-Coach Mike


8U Update 4/17/2023

Hey Gremlin Families!

This is a reminder that we will be taking a team picture tomorrow at practice (Tuesday April 18th). Please have your athlete wear their uniform to practice. See you tomorrow!

Coach Mike


8U Updates for 4/10/2023

Hello Gremlin Families,

I hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break! For this week:

  • We are hosting the Camarillo Cosmos on 4/15. Long jump for thIs meet begins at 2;30, and check-in will be at 2:15 for all athletes.

Our season is moving along quickly and there are only 2 regular season meets left before we move into the championship season.  The championship season includes:

  • The JV Meet on 4/29 (this meet is open to all athletes),
  • Varsity on 5/6 (athletes must qualify during our regular season)
  • Super Varsity on 5/13 (athletes qualify through the Varsity Meet). 

For most of our athletes, their last meet will be on 4/29. In order to qualify for the Varsity Meet on May 6th, an athlete needs to be in the Top 9 for the 100, 200, 400, and field events and in the Top 12 for the 800 and 1600. Their placement after the last meet is finished on April 22nd will determine their Varsity status. This is the top for the entire VCYTC League, and therefore making the Varsity meet is a HUGE accomplishment!

We would like to see as many of our athletes qualify as possible, so please take a look at the Top 20 lists (below) and see where the best opportunities for each athlete may lie. Athletes may want to narrow down their focus when choosing events to compete in over the next 2 meets if qualifying for the Championship meet is a goal of theirs.

We will also take top relay teams for the 4×100.

8U Girls

8U Boys

Please note that the above lists will change after the results from this weekend’s meet become finalized on and will continue to change as the season progresses.

I know there will be many questions,  so please do not hesitate to reach out with questions


Coach Mike


8U Updates for 3/29/2023

Hello Gremlin Parents,

We had a great meet last Saturday at Moorpark with lots of great effort and PRs. It has been really fun watching the kids race and jump.

Some important updates:

Our next meet is a home meet this Saturday April 1st. We are hosting the Thousand Oaks flyers. Please arrive at 7:45 am to get ready to long jump. Coaches will be at the gate to lead kids onto the field and coaches will be handing out stickers and warming the team up.

NO Practice on Thursday, March 30th. Buena is hosting Ventura HS for a home track meet. If your athlete is available have them come cheer for the athletes at the meet.

If your athlete has not signed up for their events yet, please send me a text with what they would like to do.

I also have an important note about the meets. The coaches will be taking the kids off and onto the field. When the athletes are not on the field please try to stay near the Gremlins tent. Please do not send your kids onto the field after they have been brought off, the coaches will come and get the kids before their events. This will help us keep track of everyone and avoid situation where the kids are un-supervised.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.

Go Gremlins!

Coach Mike



8U Update for 3/24/2023

Hello Gremlin Families and Athletes!

We have our third meet tomorrow at Moorpark High School.

Please arrive at 7:45 am at the track and we will start warming up for long jump at 8:00 am and to start jumping at 8:15 am. Having our team there are ready to go will be important for getting the meet started and finished in good time.

When you arrive please look for the coaches at the entrance to the field and send your athlete out to meet us. They will get their stickers on the field. They can leave their bags in the stands under the Tigres tent. Please set up your camp near the tent as this will help us round kids up for the various events.

Finally, please let me know if ASAP if your athlete is signed up for events, but will not be there. This is very helpful for relays.

See you tomorrow and Go Gremlins!

Coach Mike


Tigres 8U 3/21/23- Tuesday Practice Canceled

Hi Gremlin Parents and Athletes,

We had a great meet last Saturday at Newbury  Park. There we a lot great moments where the kids were pushing themselves, trying hard, and competing. I am proud of how well they are doing and how much they are improving with all of their hard work.

Due to the rain and wind we will be canceling practice again today (Tuesday 3/21/23). I look forward to seeing everyone out on Thursday.

Coach Mike





Tigres 8U Updates for 3/17/2023

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Gremlin Families and Athletes!

We have our second meet tomorrow at Newbury Park High School.

Please arrive at 7:45 am at the track. The Newbury Park Panthers asked us to start warming up for long jump at 8:00 am and to start jumping at 8:15 am. Having our team there are ready to go will be important for getting the meet started and finished in good time.

When you arrive send your athletes onto the field for warm-ups. The will get their stickers on the field. They can leave their bags in the stands under the Tigres tent. I suggest that you write your kids names in their jackets, sweatshirts, and on their water bottles. This will help me get them back to them if they forget them.

Finally, please let me know if ASAP if your athlete is signed up for events, but will not be there. This is very helpful for relays.

I am looking forward to another fun meet and cannot wait to see the Gremlins compete.

See you tomorrow!

Coach Mike