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12U Team Picnic and Gifts


How is it that we are already concluding our 2022 track season?! Coach Kat and I both hope that you all can make it to the team picnic this Sunday at the Buena Quad to celebrate a fun and successful season. We both have seen growth in lots of the runners in many ways. Friendships made, PR’s set, new races tried, overcoming self doubt…. it’s been so good!

Our wonderful coaching team will be with us on Sunday to say goodbye and to give your runners ribbons and a gift. The Tigres program will be providing pizza (who doesn’t like pizza) and the attendees are bringing side dishes. Our assigned side dish is SALAD. Please bring what you can. The program suggests enough for 12 with serving utensils but no one cares if you bring more or less. Sunday is about having fun and sending the kids off to their action packed summers. Please make sure to bring a blanket or chairs if you wish.

If you are unable to make the picnic please reach out. We would like all of the athletes to receive their end of season gift.





Varsity Practice This Week 4-5:30

Hi Team!

What a fun meet we had on Saturday!! We are so happy with and proud of all of our athletes! Such a good showing. Lots of PR’s and lots of smiles.  Wanted to remind everyone that all of our JV runners are now finished with their 2022 track season! It went by sooo fast! Hoping to see them at the picnic May 15th to say goodbye. We will update you on that as we know more.

We will continue to hold practice M, T, W for our varsity athletes. The practice will end a little earlier due to the numbers being much smaller. Please plan to pick up your athlete about 5:30.

Thank you to all of the parents for your support!

Coach Kate and Kate

Event Sign Ups JV Meet

Hi 12U Families!

It looks like we have over 20 athletes who have not signed up for events this weekend. Please let us know by today what your athlete would like to run and/or if they do not plan to participate. We need to start getting our spreadsheets in order to be prepared for the weekend.

I hope that they all can attend and give their best for the final JV meet of the season- it will be an exciting one!

Here are names of athletes that have not signed up:

Girls: Anceline, Blake, Lily, Isabella G, Camille M, Amelia, Trudy, Zoe

Boys: Ian A, Nico, Isaac, Liam J, Manny, Tyler, Nathaniel, Samuel, Brennan, Jacob, Liam R, Levi R, Ezekiel, Cyrus, Mawson

Thank you-Coach Kate and Kat


12U Post Season Info and Schedule

Dear 12U Athletes and Families,
Congratulations on a great last regular season Meet Saturday. We cannot believe that we only have one more practice and one last Meet for the majority of our athletes!
Here are some important upcoming dates for everyone to keep in mind:
Wednesday, April 18th – Our last regular practice and the last opportunity to sign up to compete in the Finals Meet on Saturday. (more info regarding signing up below.)
Saturday, April 23rd – Finals Meet at Buena High School at 8:30.
Sunday, May 15th – Tigre’s Picnic at 12pm at Buena High School. More details to follow.
*Note: all athletes may compete in the Finals meet this Saturday but must meet these requirements:
1. Athletes may only compete in an event they have previously competed in during the regular season.
2. The 4X400 is the only exception to  #1. Athletes may run the 4X400 even if they have not run it during the regular season.
3. If an athlete has qualified for Varsity in a certain event, they may not compete in that event in the Finals Meet on 4/23. This applies even if the athlete decides not to compete in the Varsity meet in that event or at all.
Some athletes will be continuing past the April 23rd meet and we notified those athletes today at practice. We will also be contacting each of these athletes’ families directly to discuss the plan going forward and answer any questions. Below are some important dates for your athletes.
Wednesday, April 20th: Provide final confirmation and commitment of Athletes’ Intention to compete at the Varsity Championship Meet.
Wednesday, April 20th: 5:30 pm: Coaches will make themselves available to answer your questions about Varsity and Co-Conference questions. Meet us in the Bleachers at the Buena Track.
Saturday, April 30th – Varsity Championships Meet. Moorpark High School.
If you are not sure if your athlete qualified to compete at this meet please check the official standings here. As a reminder, the top 9 athletes move ahead in laned and field events (400M and shorter) and the top 12 athletes move ahead in distance events (800M and longer.)
If your athlete qualified and WILL NOT be competing in the Varsity meet we need to know as soon as possible to give their spot to the next athlete in the standings.
If your athlete qualified for Varsity events and they plan to compete in the Varsity Meet, please note that there are new limits to the number of events your athletes can run in these two post-season meets.
1. Athletes may compete in as many events as they qualified for in the Varsity Meet.
2. Your events at the Varsity event subtract from the total allowed at the Finals Meet on 4/23. For example, if an athlete plans to run 2 events at the varsity meet, they can only run 1 event at the Finals Meet. (The regular season limit is: no more than 3 running events, 4 events total, with 4X400 as a free event that can be added on. The 4X100 is considered a running event.)
Again, some of these Varsity level athletes may qualify to compete in the Co-Conference Championship Meet on May 14th. The top 5 VCYTC athletes for laned and field events and the top 8 VCYTC athletes for distance events will be invited to compete at this event. More information regarding this Meet will follow.
Thank you all so much for a wonderful regular season. We had a blast getting to know your runners and look forward to the excitement of the post-season Meets!
Coach Kate and Kat

12U Updates

Hi team!
Wanted to remind you all of a few things:
1. Team picture day is Wednesday. Please wear/bring your Tigres jersey for the picture!

2. The meet this weekend is at Buena High School at it starts at 3PM!!!!!!! Please make note to have the runners to the school by 2:30 if they are running the in the first events or 4×100 relay.

3. Please make sure to let us know if your runner will not be at practice this week but plans to run this weekend so we can get them signed up for events.

4. We have seen an uptick in excitable behavior as spring is in the air. Please remind your runner to respect other athlete’s personal space. We understand that part of being on the Tigres team is having fun on the field between events, although we would like the runners to keep their hands to themselves and forego wrestling. We would love for you as parents and caregivers to encourage using that energy to cheer on their teammates! These last few meets are important!!

Coach Kate and Coach Kat

Practice Canceled WEDNESDAY

Good Morning Tigres Families!

Congrats are in order for all of your athletes that ran and gave it their all this past weekend. We are so proud of all of them already…I can’t say that enough!  I can’t wait to see how these kids progress over the course of our season. Thank you to all of you for getting your runners to the facility on time and for cheering everyone on. It sure makes a difference!

Unfortunately we do not have track access this Wednesday 3/23 so practice is canceled. I strongly encourage all of your runners to attend specialty days this week if at all possible. We will have the event sign up sheet available today as well as T/Th this week. Please remind your runner to sign up! If you ever find that your runner has not signed up for events but is able to attend the meet, please still come! We can always add runners to races (other than relay).

Please reach out with any questions or concerns. Go 12U!


Thousand Oaks Meet Tomorrow!

It’s he eve of the first meet and we are genuinely excited to see your athletes compete tomorrow! It’s been too long!! Us coaches have been prepping bib stickers, making and printing meet spreadsheets, discussing weather and cheering techniques…. Hopefully those of you at home are getting hydrated, planning to get some good rest tonight and staying positive.


Reminder to send your athlete with layers and layers of clothing (sorry for the harping… we’re both moms!). Thousand Oaks is generally warmer than Ventura although it can get quite cool at night. We all got to shiver more than our fair share at the practice meet. We don’t need to do that again! That goes for you in the stands too! bring blankets and layers so that you can stay to cheer on our team through the 4×400- our final event!


Please make sure to have your athlete on the field by 3:30 if not a few minutes earlier if they are running the 3200, hurdles, 4×100, and maybe even the long jump, or high jump. We are all hoping the meet runs quickly and efficiently which starts with all of us being on time.


Relay teams are never a guarantee. We would love nothing more than to see as many kids as possible run this event while they have the chance. Keep in mind that we need multiples of 4 to make that this happen so we have to work with the number of kids who signed up, rearrange, ask, switch, etc. If your child is not on a relay team it may mean that they are on a list to be an alternate incase someone is sick or injured or can’t make the meet last minute.


Thank you all for your support and for your wonderful kids! We will be cheering loudest for them tomorrow because WE ARE 12U! We believe in them.

A Few Things….

Hello 12U Families!

Just another reminder that we are practicing at the Ventura High School track all week.

We are excited preparing for the upcoming meet in Thousand Oaks! Please note that this is an AFTERNOON meet. It starts at 4pm and will run into the night under the lights. Make sure your athlete is at the Thousand Oaks Facility and on the field by 3:30 ready to warm up if they are participating in any of the first events. This is especially important for the 4×100 relay teams. You can find the order of events here Order of Events – Ventura Tigres We generally don’t have start times for each event as it is all dependent on how many runners/heats each team has.

It is important to note that if your athlete signs up for a relay team they need to make sure to be at the meet and/or let us know ahead of time if something comes up. The runners rely on one another! The 4×400 relay is at the end of the day so if your runner signs up for that event, please make sure you stay until the end.

We are already seeing progress happening with many of our athletes! Keep up the good work 12U!!


Training Plan

2018 Tigres Midget Training Plan  (doc)



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