9-10 Head Coach

Ellie Windsor

10u Updates/corrections

Hello parents! Looking forward to our first practice meet on Saturday! 

  1. Correction: Saturdays practice meet does NOT count toward Golden Baton. Plenty of opportunities this season to earn it though!
  2. Singlets and black shorts MUST be worn to participate. Uniform sales will be Saturday morning 730-745 am. 
  3. Encourage your athletes to layer, mornings are chilly.  Leggings under shorts can be any color. One athlete wore a Spider-Man costume under his uniform all season last year.
  4. Please have your athletes arrive at 745 am at our usual meeting spot with water bottles and smiles. Snacks and other drinks must be kept in the stands.

We look forward to having fun in a low-stress, learn the ropes environment before our first competitive meet next Saturday, March 9, which we are hosting. 

See you soon!

10u Bantams update

Good morning Bantams!

A couple of updates for the week ahead:

  • Please plan to pick up your athletes at 6:00 pm now as the days are getting longer and they love their chaos tag time.
  • You can access the training plan for each week on the right of the Bantams team page, where these updates are published.  Just in case you want to prepare your athletes for their workout for the week.
  • We will be signing up your athletes this week for their events in the practice meet.
  • I am expecting high interest in the 4×100 relay, which is awesome!  For this first meet, teams will be put together in our best estimate.  As the weeks progress, we will be honing in on creating teams and positions based on times and athlete goals.
  • The practice meet absolutely counts towards participation in events for the Golden Baton.  As a reminder, athletes can earn the Golden Baton at the end of the season by participating in every event *at least once* during a meet.  
  • Events available for the practice meet on Saturday for the Bantams are: 4×100 relay, 1600m, 400m, 100m, 4×400 relay, long jump and shot put.
  • Shot put requires specialty team sign off, so have them attend specialties on Tuesday and or Thursday for this. 
  • Event limit for this shorter meet is 2 running events and 1 field event.  As always, the 4×400 is free.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for reading!

10U- is going to have a great season!

Wow!  I am so impressed by our athletes and excited for this season.  They are enthusiastic, motivated, and such a great group, thank you for sharing them with Tigres.

We also are blessed with an amazing coaching staff who are talented, knowledgeable, and invested in teaching your athletes proper mechanics and having fun while doing it.  Your kids are in great hands.  

For these next few weeks, please pick up your athletes at 5:45 pm as it gets dark on the field and we don’t have lights.  I will let you know when we are able to extend to 6:00pm, likely after daylight savings time change.  

They may be a little sore over the next few days, they really attacked Warrior Wednesday with heart.  Encourage stretching (I like this resource:, rest, hydration. 

The early season is all about developing aerobic capacity; here is a workout suggestion for this Saturday:


  • 10minutes easy pace cross country run on your own
  • 4 x 100m strides


  • 2.5 miles easy pace cross country run on your own

Thanks for reading!  See you all on Monday. Specialty practices (long jump, high jump, shot put, relays) start next Tuesday for interested athletes.  Have a great weekend!  

Coach Ellie

10U Welcome letter

February 7, 2024

Hello Bantam families!

Thank you for attending the parent meeting Monday night. Your Bantam coaching staff is really looking forward to our first practice today.

I wanted to recap the most important information that we covered:

Coaching staff:
Ellie Windsor – Head Bantams coach
Katie Biller – Assistant Coach
Marcell Brickey – Assistant Coach
Mike Chapman – Assistant Coach
Christian Contreras – Assistant Coach
Marjory Doimas – Assistant Coach
Katherine Duran – Assistant Coach
Jason Griffith – Assistant Coach
Stacy Hebert – Assistant Coach
Charne Huff – Assistant Coach
Jennifer Jacobs – Assistant Coach
George Keiaho – Assistant Coach
Ryan Meuse – Assistant Coach
Sean Stephan – Assistant Coach
Ryan Stepp – Assistant Coach
Megan Wagner – Assistant Coach
Christine Weber – Assistant Coach
David Young – Assistant Coach

Goals for the season:
Fun and an appreciation for the benefits of sports and exercise
Good Sportsmanship
Developing your athlete’s abilities and helping them to achieve their goals

Questions and information:
The most efficient way to communicate with me is through email on the website, . I am also available for questions after practice. I will email on a regular basis, especially once the meets begin in March. You can text me as well, but I am a doctor and am therefore slow to respond during the day.

Bantams will have team practices on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-6:00 at the Buena High School track.
Parents are welcomed to stay and watch, but only athletes and coaches are allowed on the field. There are no sign in and sign-outs this year, but at the end of practice, we will keep our Bantams on the field until they get a visual on their ride home. Please be on time for pickup; a coach must stay with your athlete until you arrive.
Athletes will work with specialty coaches on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

4:30 – 6:00 pm Team Workout — Endurance

4:30 – 6:00 pm Team Workout — Warrior

Tuesday – Specialty practice – athlete choice
Shot Put
High Jump
High Jump

Thursday – Specialty practice – athlete choice
Long Jump
High Jump
Speed Develop.
Recovery Run
Long Jump
High Jump
Speed Develop.

Preparation for practice:
Please have your athlete dressed and ready to go, layers are best. Our athletes LOVE their Tigres gear, which means many of them have the same water bottles, bags, and sweatshirts. PLEASE label everything!! If they need a snack before practice, please have it be something easy to digest. They are only allowed water in their water bottles on the track.

We understand that other sports, illness, and injury may conflict with practice. You do not need to email me if your athlete will not attend practice, but I would appreciate knowing if they are injured as well as if they are not going to attend a meet.

Bantams will have the option to participate in the following events:

Field – Long Jump, High Jump, and Shot Put
Relay – 4X100 and the 4X400
Distance – 800 and 1600
Sprints – 100, 200, and 400

Athletes can participate in 4 events at each meet with a maximum of 3 running events. The 4X100 counts toward their running event total, but the 4X400 is free 🙂
Some athletes will already know what events they are interested in, while others are still deciding. We are going to encourage them to try everything until they decide which events they like the most. Event sign-ups will be on Mondays and Wednesdays by my bag on the field.

As a way to incentivize getting out of comfort zones and trying new things, we will again be offering the Golden Baton award this year. Athletes who try every event at least once at meets through the season will earn this coveted prize. We have had many athletes find a new event to love or (and!) gain an incredible amount of self-esteem while pursuing this goal.

Setting up the relay teams for the 4X100 and the 4X400 takes time. Once your athlete selects the relay, they are making a commitment to three other athletes on the team. Relay teams will be created based upon times and attendance. There may be times that I cannot build a full relay team due to numbers, but I will do my best to make certain it is a fair process.

I will send out more information regarding meets as the dates come closer, but for your future planning, the meet schedule on the website is accurate and meets typically go from 8:00 – 3:00ish.

We look forward to greeting former and new athletes on Wednesday!!

See you soon,
Coach Ellie Windsor (805) 832-1421

Welcome to the 2024 Season!

Hi! My name is Ellie (Noelle) Windsor and I am excited to serve your families as the 10u/Bantams head coach. I have served as an assistant coach for the Youth/Intermediate group with my middle son, Bodhi, for two years. He is now at Foothill Tech running track and his youngest brother, August, is starting fresh.

I am looking forward to meeting you all and your athletes at the parent meeting and through the season. Please do subscribe for SMS and/or email updates on the front page of to stay tuned in to meet announcements, scheduling, etc.

More information to come. Until then, stay dry and see you Monday night, February 5th at 6:30 pm in the Buena High School Cafeteria.

Bantams- help needed for fun practice

Hi Bantam families,

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is our fun practice. If you can help with bringing filled water balloons, please text or email me. We have a lot of Bantams out there, and are looking forward to an epic water balloon battle! If you are bringing balloons for us, please take them down to the shot put area.

Please bring a towel for your athlete, they are going to be wet 🙂

Thanks so much,

Coach Kristin

805 766-7171

Bantams- Championships infomation

Good Morning,


With the VCYTC qualifying lists now complete, we are officially in our championship season! If your athlete did not qualify for the Conference Championships this will be their last week of practice. 🙁


Monday April 29th – Regular practice at Buena


Wednesday May 1st – Our last regular team practice. This is our “fun” practice. I need at least 8 parents to bring pre-filled water balloons for this day. Please text/email me if you can bring them pre-filled 🙂


The full schedule of specialty practices is also available to the athletes this week.


Saturday May 4th – Meet at Fillmore HS. ALL athletes can compete in this meet. If your athlete qualified for the Conference Championships they are not eligible to run in that event. They can however run in the events they did not qualify for.



Saturday May 11th – Conference Championships (aka Varsity) meet – athletes must have qualified for this meet.


We are excited to congratulate the following athletes for securing a spot at the Saturday, May 11th meet. In addition to those below, I will be sending a 4×100 girls and boys team, and a 4×400 girls and boys team. I will be finalizing those teams this week, and will be announcing them on Wednesday.


2019 Bantam Conference Championship qualifiers:


Olivia Barajas: 100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, Long Jump


Isabella Fenley: 800M, 1600M


Delaney Machado: 800M, 1600M


Lillian Graves: 800M


Camila Torres: 1600M


Madeline Abbott: Shot Put


Dara Martinson: High Jump


Shelby Jeffris: High Jump


Ainsley Feeney: Long Jump


Brody Torres: 100M


Chance Davis: 200M


Ryan King: 400M, 800M, 1600M


Henry Oesterle: 800M, High Jump


James Buenning: 800M, 1600M


Bryce Daw: 1600M


Christian Garcia: 1600M


Carsten Duffy: Shot Put


What a huge accomplishment!!


Please feel free to email or text me with any questions,


Coach Kristin

Bantams- End of season dates, please read

Such a fun meet today! I cannot believe that we only have one more week of practice and one last meet for the majority of our athletes! Some will be continuing past the May 4th meet, we will get final confirmation of these athletes by Monday’s practice.

Here are the important upcoming dates:


Monday April 29th – Regular practice at Buena


Wednesday May 1st – Our last regular team practice. This is our “fun” practice. I need at least 8 parents to bring pre-filled water balloons for this day. Please text/email me if you can bring them pre-filled 🙂


Saturday May 4th – Meet at Fillmore HS. ALL athletes can compete in this meet.




Saturday May 11th – Championships (aka Varsity) meet – athletes must have qualified for this meet


Saturday May 18th – Co-Conference Championship meet – athletes must qualify for this meet


Sunday May 19th – Tigres Picnic – details to follow


I look forward to seeing your athlete next week!


Coach Kristin

Bantams- Meet #6

Hi Bantam families,

Just some reminders for our meet tomorrow:

  • We are running with the Newbury Park Panthers at home tomorrow.
  • Please have your athletes ready to go and on the track by 8:00 (if they are in the 4×100, they NEED to be there on time!)
  • It looks like our weather may be cool in the morning, but heat up a bit in the afternoon so please send them with plenty of water, sunscreen, their labeled sweats, and healthy and easy to digest snacks. Water is allowed on the field, but all food must be kept in the stands.
  • Parking is going to be more difficult than usual due to the Relay for Life event that is also happening at Buena this weekend.

See you tomorrow,

Coach Kristin

(805) 766-7171

Bantams- Athlete Gifts

Shhhh! It is a surprise 🙂


The Tigres Bantam gift this year is going to be shirt, but I need your athlete t-shirt size ASAP. Please fill in their t-shirt size on the attached link for the Google sheet. I would love to have them by this Thursday.

Size Link


Thank you!

Coach Kristin