Amazing Bantam parents,

We are now officially in the post-season and I hope your tell your athletes every day how awesome they are.  I can’t believe we are already here. Some important info as we move forward:

Wednesday, April 24th– Our last regular team practice

Saturday, April 27th – JV meet – all athletes can compete in this meet. Most of our athletes’ seasons will end at this date.

  •  We will do signups for this meet on Monday night.  They will look a little different, as athletes will be limited to only the events in which they participated in during the previous 6 regular season meets.  They will be locked out of their Varsity events to ensure we don’t double book them and thus disqualify them.
  • Meet will be back at Thousand Oaks High School track, beginning at 830 am, arrival at 745 am.  Plan for a longer than usual day as there will be athletes from all 8 teams in our conference. 

  • We will build the 4×400 relay teams for BOTH JV and Varsity based on sign ups and interest level shown when we do sign ups tomorrow night.  If your athlete has a new found love for the 4×400, please be sure to have them sign up.  What is different about post-season is that now the 4×400 DOES count toward event maximums (4 events, max 3 running, max 2 field)

Week of April 29th – Practice is for Varsity athletes only

Saturday, May 4th– Varsity meet – athletes must qualify for this meet

  • Meet will be at Camarillo High School.  This meet will likely be about the same length as our other meets.
  • 4×100 relay teams are set.  We are going to build the 4×400 relay teams as above.
  • if you anticipate your athlete moving on to Varsity and Super Varsity but know of any potential conflicts for May 4th or 11th, please let me know immediately.  We need to know by Wednesday April 24th so that if your athlete doesn’t want to or can’t compete in Varsity, it opens a spot for someone down on the list.  We must have this info BEFORE JV, so that an athlete who has a chance at Varsity doesn’t compete in JV and thus lose their chance.

Week of May 6th – Practice is for Super Varsity athletes only

Saturday, May 11th– Super Varsity meet – athletes must qualify for this meet, from the Varsity meet. More information later on criteria. 

Sunday, May 19th – Tigres picnic – details already sent out through Tigres organization regarding our assigned potluck items (Drinks) and timing.  

I know this time of year can be confusing, so please feel free to ask any questions. It’s an exciting time and every single athlete has done a great job this year.  

Thanks for all of your support!

Warmly, Coach Ellie