Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Your athletes are doing amazing things and I am proud of single one of them. A few notes for the week:

1. No practice on Wednesday this week due to Buena HS track meet. You can see what the training assignment would be for Wednesday on the training link and help them do it. Or you can come see what a high school meet looks like and inspire them. Or take the day to chill, whatever works for your athlete and your family!

2. As such, our goal is to have all sign ups completed on Monday, tomorrow. Please take a moment and talk with your athlete today about what they want to do and if your family schedule permits them participating in their selected events. Which leads me to…

3. 4x 100 relay: We have such huge interest in this event and I couldn’t be happier about that! We ran 6 girls teams and 3 boys teams and we had some great sports who stepped up to take absentee places, which saved the day for everyone. We as coaches cry right along aside your athletes when they don’t get to run because someone didn’t show up. As you can imagine, coordinating 36 athletes and matching their speeds, running abilities and desires with 27 handoffs is. a. challenge. We get that sicknesses happen, often at 2 am before a meet. Lol. However, if you know that your family absolutely will not be able to make it to the meet by 8 am AT THE LATEST, if you know you are traveling, etc. PLEASE have your child refrain from signing up for the 4×100 relay. We need your athletes on the field by 8 am to get warmed up, to get with their relay group and practice hand offs because often, that is the first time they are practicing with that person. Heck, it may even be the first time they are running the race, and that is ok too!

4. EVERY other event in meets is fluid, and often decisions get made on track meet day to change it up, and I am great with that.

5. Specialty practices are Tuesday and Thursday this week, as scheduled, 4:30-6:00 pm, divided into two sessions.  I believe specialty coaches require at least two practices to sign off on meet participation.  All are welcome, through the whole season.  We work relays on both days, long jump only on Thursday.  

Thank you so much for reading and sharing your kids with us. I am inspired by their energy, joy, determination, resiliency and their enthusiasm every time I am out there with them. Have a great day!