Good morning Bantams!

A couple of updates for the week ahead:

  • Please plan to pick up your athletes at 6:00 pm now as the days are getting longer and they love their chaos tag time.
  • You can access the training plan for each week on the right of the Bantams team page, where these updates are published.  Just in case you want to prepare your athletes for their workout for the week.
  • We will be signing up your athletes this week for their events in the practice meet.
  • I am expecting high interest in the 4×100 relay, which is awesome!  For this first meet, teams will be put together in our best estimate.  As the weeks progress, we will be honing in on creating teams and positions based on times and athlete goals.
  • The practice meet absolutely counts towards participation in events for the Golden Baton.  As a reminder, athletes can earn the Golden Baton at the end of the season by participating in every event *at least once* during a meet.  
  • Events available for the practice meet on Saturday for the Bantams are: 4×100 relay, 1600m, 400m, 100m, 4×400 relay, long jump and shot put.
  • Shot put requires specialty team sign off, so have them attend specialties on Tuesday and or Thursday for this. 
  • Event limit for this shorter meet is 2 running events and 1 field event.  As always, the 4×400 is free.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for reading!