Hello parents! Looking forward to our first practice meet on Saturday! 

  1. Correction: Saturdays practice meet does NOT count toward Golden Baton. Plenty of opportunities this season to earn it though!
  2. Singlets and black shorts MUST be worn to participate. Uniform sales will be Saturday morning 730-745 am. 
  3. Encourage your athletes to layer, mornings are chilly.  Leggings under shorts can be any color. One athlete wore a Spider-Man costume under his uniform all season last year.
  4. Please have your athletes arrive at 745 am at our usual meeting spot with water bottles and smiles. Snacks and other drinks must be kept in the stands.

We look forward to having fun in a low-stress, learn the ropes environment before our first competitive meet next Saturday, March 9, which we are hosting. 

See you soon!