In just over 12 hours, the Practice Meet will be underway – and our age group competes in the first 2 events!

If your athlete is competing in the Hurdles, 4×100 Relay, or Shot Put – please have them dressed in uniform and at the field by 8AM.   12U/Midgets meet on the 40 yard line near the center of the field during meets.  All other competing athletes (800M & 200M) should arrive by 9:30AM, but are encouraged to be there earlier to cheer on the team.  Regular Meet event times are unpredictable… this Practice Meet event times are even more so!

A few reminders-  1.  Wear Sunscreen and bring water.     2.  Only Water on the field – Food or other beverages are only permitted off the field area.    3.  Only Coaches, Athletes, and Actively Working Volunteers are to be in the Track/Field area inside the fence.

Volunteer information, last minute uniform pickup info, and a link to the order of events were sent in an email earlier this week and can also be found on the Tigres home page.

See you tomorrow…  This is going to be FUN!

-Coach Spencer