Dear 12U Athletes and Families,
Congratulations on a great last regular season Meet Saturday. We cannot believe that we only have one more practice and one last Meet for the majority of our athletes!
Here are some important upcoming dates for everyone to keep in mind:
Wednesday, April 18th – Our last regular practice and the last opportunity to sign up to compete in the Finals Meet on Saturday. (more info regarding signing up below.)
Saturday, April 23rd – Finals Meet at Buena High School at 8:30.
Sunday, May 15th – Tigre’s Picnic at 12pm at Buena High School. More details to follow.
*Note: all athletes may compete in the Finals meet this Saturday but must meet these requirements:
1. Athletes may only compete in an event they have previously competed in during the regular season.
2. The 4X400 is the only exception to  #1. Athletes may run the 4X400 even if they have not run it during the regular season.
3. If an athlete has qualified for Varsity in a certain event, they may not compete in that event in the Finals Meet on 4/23. This applies even if the athlete decides not to compete in the Varsity meet in that event or at all.
Some athletes will be continuing past the April 23rd meet and we notified those athletes today at practice. We will also be contacting each of these athletes’ families directly to discuss the plan going forward and answer any questions. Below are some important dates for your athletes.
Wednesday, April 20th: Provide final confirmation and commitment of Athletes’ Intention to compete at the Varsity Championship Meet.
Wednesday, April 20th: 5:30 pm: Coaches will make themselves available to answer your questions about Varsity and Co-Conference questions. Meet us in the Bleachers at the Buena Track.
Saturday, April 30th – Varsity Championships Meet. Moorpark High School.
If you are not sure if your athlete qualified to compete at this meet please check the official standings here. As a reminder, the top 9 athletes move ahead in laned and field events (400M and shorter) and the top 12 athletes move ahead in distance events (800M and longer.)
If your athlete qualified and WILL NOT be competing in the Varsity meet we need to know as soon as possible to give their spot to the next athlete in the standings.
If your athlete qualified for Varsity events and they plan to compete in the Varsity Meet, please note that there are new limits to the number of events your athletes can run in these two post-season meets.
1. Athletes may compete in as many events as they qualified for in the Varsity Meet.
2. Your events at the Varsity event subtract from the total allowed at the Finals Meet on 4/23. For example, if an athlete plans to run 2 events at the varsity meet, they can only run 1 event at the Finals Meet. (The regular season limit is: no more than 3 running events, 4 events total, with 4X400 as a free event that can be added on. The 4X100 is considered a running event.)
Again, some of these Varsity level athletes may qualify to compete in the Co-Conference Championship Meet on May 14th. The top 5 VCYTC athletes for laned and field events and the top 8 VCYTC athletes for distance events will be invited to compete at this event. More information regarding this Meet will follow.
Thank you all so much for a wonderful regular season. We had a blast getting to know your runners and look forward to the excitement of the post-season Meets!
Coach Kate and Kat