Hi 12U families,

Our athletes have been training hard, and we are all so excited that the meets are about to begin!

If your athletes goal worksheet has not been turned in, please have them turn it in this week. Some were completed and sent home again because the goals were not measurable. For example, a goal of I would like to run faster is not measurable. A goal of I would like to get a Personal Record at least 3 times this season is measurable.

Our practice meet is this Saturday, March 4th at Buena High School. The event options are limited for this meet since the primary focus is training the volunteers. For this meet only, 12U will be able to participate in 1 field event and 2 running events.

Our field option for this meet is Shot Put. Athletes must pre-qualify to compete in Shot Put and may attempt to do so at specialty practices on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.

Our running choices for this meet are:

  • Hurdles (pre-qualification at specialty practice required)
  • 4X100 Relay
  • 800
  • 200
  • 4X400 (This is a “free” event that does not count towards their total running events. Tigres is known for our numerous 4×400 teams, and we want to keep this fun tradition alive!)

The event sign-up sheets will be on clipboards by the Coach’s bag on both Monday and Wednesday. We would like your athletes to sign themselves up for their events to increase their independence at the meets by knowing what events they chose. If your athlete will not attend the practice meet, we’ll ask them to draw a line through their name. If they plan to participate but are not at practice this week, feel free to email me their choices by Wednesday evening.

The meet is scheduled to begin at 8:30. Please have your athlete arrive by 7:45 and meet us by the Coaches bag on the field (near where we warm-up). We meet 45 minutes before the start of each Meet to get the athletes their stickers, warm them up, and make last-minute adjustments to relay teams.

We expect that the athletes will be independent at the meets. This means that they are nearby coaches and are ready to run when called for their event. Each athlete will receive a list of their events on their sticker at check-in. Coaches will not be able to remind athletes throughout the meet of their schedule. Coaches will also not always be able to search for athletes who are not nearby when they are called to compete. If an athlete misses their race, they will not be rescheduled for a later heat.

Athletes must wear their Tigres Singlet to all meets and during races.

If you have not had a chance to pick up a uniform, they will be available Saturday morning before 7:45. However, there will be a small window on Saturday morning, so please do your best to be on time.

In addition, athletes must wear black running shorts (Tigres issued or otherwise).  Your athlete may wish to come to the meet wearing sweats (labeled) on top of their Tigres singlet and running shorts.  The mornings can be very cold, so it is important that our athletes stay warm.  In addition, they should bring their own water, snacks, and sunscreen. PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING!  I recommend that they bring a bag to hold their water, sunscreen and sweats on the field.  Since food is not allowed out on the track, athletes may bring another bag with snacks (labeled with their name) that can be placed under the 12U EZ-Up in the stands.

Saturday will be shorter than a typical meet, but it is a great way to get a feel for what happens at our real meets, and for our parent volunteers to learn their jobs. The goal of this meet is to train our volunteers in their positions, so the meet runs smoothly when we host another team. Things will NOT run smoothly; there will be delays and possibly a lot of standing around. Please be patient!


Coach Jim