Dear 12U Families,

We had an incredible meet last Saturday! Thank you to our amazing athletes and dedicated parent volunteers. The meet results will be posted soon.  It’s fantastic to share that many of our dedicated athletes have already achieved goals they set for themselves. Their hard work and determination are truly paying off!

Relay Request: If your athlete signed up for the relay, especially the 4×100, please text me if they can’t attend. The 4×100 relay is scheduled early, and finding a replacement without notice is challenging. Please note that if an athlete is late to the meet, they may be replaced on the relay.

Specialty Practices: For relay, high jump, long jump, or shot-put athletes, attend specialty practices to work on these skills. Relay team formation will consider attendance at these practices.

Hydration Reminder: Several distance runners reported dry throats during the morning races. Proper hydration is crucial! Start hydrating the day before the meet and continue on the day of the event.

We’re hosting Meet #2 against Gold Coast and Ojai!

Arrival Time for Saturday: Please arrive by 7:45 AM.

Thank you!


Coach Jim