Hi Bantam Parents

I hope your athletes have had as much fun the last three weeks as we have!

And the fun is only beginning……

I know some athletes have been attending the specialty sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. These sessions provide focused practice on the field events, the relays, strength, running form, and strength.

  • If your athlete plans to run in relays in the meets and they are new to Tigres or a first year Bantam, I highly recommend they attend either the Tuesday or Friday relay sessions.
  • If your athlete is a second year Bantam, these sessions are still recommended to improve their skills and practice with fellow teammates.
  • If your athlete absolutely can not make it to a relay session and wants to try a relay, please talk to Coach Carol and we will work with them as needed at practice. There are several new concepts introduced at the Bantam level that the kids will need to know to run their best race and to avoid disqualifications- which are always a bummer!
  • If your athlete is running sprints or they want to improve their finish in the distance events, I also highly recommend the Speed Development sessions on Thursdays.
    Coach Paul and Coach Nate do an amazing job and in the few sessions I have attended the kids have dramatically improved their form in 30 minutes.Saturday, March 5th is our practice meet at Buena.

Saturday, March 5th is our practice meet at Buena High School

Event sign ups will be on Monday and Tuesday this week and the sign up sheets will be on the fence next to the sign in and out sheets.

Kids can sign up for a maximum of 3 events, only 2 may be running events. The only field event available for Bantams at this meet will be long jump.
The order of events is as follows:
Hurdles ( not a Bantam event)
4 x 100
Long jump with Bantams jumping first (ongoing)

Please have your athletes in the stands by 8:00 am to get their stickers.

Meet starts at 8:30

Items to bring
Shade (the Bantam tent is for athletes and team parents only)

Several of you have sent emails when your child has been ill or for some other reason is unable to attend practice. Please know that I receive and read all of the emails and I appreciate the heads up. I will only respond to the emails if a response is needed .

Thank you all.

Coach Carol