Welcome Tigres!
We’re just a touch over 2 weeks until our first practice and registration has concluded early for Tigres due to full roster. We are pleased to have  large number of returning athletes and welcoming a lot of new Tigres this year. For those of you just finding out about Tigres a little late, we will be adding athletes to the wait list by request in case a spot opens up.

Anyone who decides they no longer wish to participate, you will be issued a full refund if you request it prior to Tigres first practice which is February 11th.  Refunds prior to the first meet will be at 50%. Refunds requests can be sent to tigres@venturatigres.org.

What now?
tigres-avp-practicePractices will be starting as follows:

Monday, February 11th at 4:30 for Bantams, Midgets, Youth & Intermediate 

Tuesday, February 12th @ 4:30 for Gremlins.

The first two weeks of practice will be at Arroyo Verde Park. We meet near the first parking lot and bathrooms inside the park. (see picture).  Remember – we are still in February, and as the sun goes down, especially at Arroyo Verde park, it gets cold. We recommend your athletes bring water and arrive wearing shorts and t-shirts and to bring sweaters and sweat pants to change into.  Prior to the first practice, we will be requesting that you bring certain documentation with you to the first practice (such as copies of birth certificates for first time athletes). Coaches and Tigres Board Members will be on hand to collect these items. Additional practice info can also be found on the practice schedule page which will be updated as needed.

Our first meet is a practice meet and will be on Saturday, March 9th @ Buena High. Because all of our meets are powered by parent volunteers, this is practice not only for athletes, but for all of us parents as well. Volunteer coordinators will be letting you know what area we will need you in for each meet and if you are working the AM or PM shift.

REMEMBER, your volunteer commitment is a requirement of having your child/children participate in Ventura Tigres & VCYTC.

Your coaches will be updating you further as needed as our first practice approaches. The coaching roster us updated with all the head coach, assistant coach and specialty coach info.

If you have not already purchased track shoes (flats/spikes), you can wait until your first day of practice to get recommendations from your coach. The type of shoe you wear can vary based on the types of events you plan to compete in.

Good communication during the season is a big task for a team of 275 athletes, but something we strive to accomplish. To ensure all messages get to everyone, we will be using multiple channels to accomplish this. This website will serve as the main hub of communication – which will then push out to multiple sources; email marketing/newsletters, social media (Facebook) and possibly SMS as last year. We will be providing more info on this and how to ensure you are connected will be made available soon.

Thats all we have for now –  – but you can send any questions you may have between now and practice to us at tigres@venturatigres.org.