Thank you for all who were able to attend the meeting tonight.  For those unable to attend, here at the main items we covered.

2017 Tigres – Bantams Information
• Carol Leandro- Head Coach
• Chris Mendez -Assistant Coach
• Jeremy Patelzick – Assistant Coach
• Kevin Baysinger- Assistant Coach
• Jalen Burns – Assistant Coach
• Shannon McDermott- Assistant Coach
• Linda Chanin-Assistant Coach
• Carly Leandro – Assistant Coach
• Mikayla Erlenborn- Assistant Coach
• Gretchen Scherrei – Assistant Coach

• To ensure & promote the health and safety of all athletes
• To offer enjoyable practices and meets for all athletes
• To help each athlete achieve their personal goals for the season
• To teach and model good sportsmanship and citizenship
• To instill the values of athletic participation and performance
The most effective form of communication will be through the website. Questions can be
directed to coaches after practice depending on coaches’ availability. I will do my best to
keep you updated via the website for all Bantam group information.
• Monday and Wednesday for Bantams as a group 4:30-6:00 at Buena track
• Parents are aways welcome to stay and watch; at Buena only athletes/coaches inside the track
• Athletes will work with specialty coaches on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays as
discussed at the all parent meeting. We will not practice long jump or high jump
during our regular Monday and Wednesday practices.
• Please pay attention to website/e-mail for any changes/cancellations.
• There will not be sign in/out sheets this year. Instead, athletes will remain on the
infield of the track until they have a visual of the adult/sibling picking them up and
then they may leave the track.
• Please be on time for pick up. Coaches cannot leave until all athletes are picked up
• Please make sure your athlete is ready to go – dressed, and already have used the
restroom. Please label jackets, water bottles, bags, etc- They get left and they all look the same.
• Participation: Attendance is optional, but participation is mandatory. If it’s
sickness, injury, or they just don’t want to participate, we prefer they stay home
rather than show up and not participate. We also understand athletes may have other sports going on.
• A decision will be made by 3:00pm if practice will be cancelled due to weather and will be
communicated via the website.
• Comfortable shoes/shirt
• Comfortable running shoes/spikes/flats
• Bag – labeled
• Sweatpants – labeled
• Sweatshirt/jacket -labeled
• Water bottle- only water on Buena track- labeled
• Extra socks (long jump, etc.)
• Sunscreen/hat optional
• Tigres Uniform
• Snacks/light lunch
• Sunscreen
• Extra water


Inappropriate Behavior
• Horse play or rough housing
• Profanity or vulgar gestures
• Name calling, teasing, or bullying
• Theft
• Disrupting practices by talking repeatedly
• Disrupting practices by not following directions
• Disrespect towards other athletes,parents or coaches
• Comments or actions that endanger the safety of others

• Begin with verbal warnings, timeouts from drills, conversations with
coaches, parent(s), and board
members if needed

We have 70+ athletes in Bantams. We want to have fun enjoyable practices for
all. If there are behavior issues, we will address it with the athlete first. If issues
continue, we will speak to parents to find solutions.
If for some reason your child is not enjoying their Tigres experience, please discuss it with
the head coach. Our goal is for every athlete to have fun, work hard, make friends, and
take pride in their accomplishments.

• Field – long jump, high jump, and shot put
• Sprints – 100, 200, 400, and both relays (4X100, 4X400)
• Distance – 800 and 1600
• Encourage them to try everything, and help them to discover what they like, and where they are strongest.

• Athletes may compete in 4 events per meet, with a maximum of 3 running events.
• The 4X100 counts toward a running event, but the 4X400 is a ‘free’ event (does not count towards event total or as a running event)
• Event signups will be on Mondays and Wednesdays prior to that weeks’ meet. If your athlete signs up for a relay event, remember that there are
other athletes that are counting on your son/daughter.
• There may be times where we can’t accommodate all those who want to run relays (can’t assemble a full team). We will do our best to make sure everyone that wants to run will have an opportunity to do so. Relays will be based on times and coaches’ discretion.
Nutrition and Rest

• Please understand your athlete may need more water, food and sleep during the
season. If you have any questions, please speak with a coach directly
• Pre snack practice- something easy to digest i.e. low in fat and protein, examples
include fruit, small smoothie, a simple bar.
Meets and Results
• Meet schedule and directions to locations are listed on website.
• Meets usually go from 8:30 to ~3:30. Your time will depend on the events your athlete decides to participate in.
• Please have your athlete meet on the field where we will distribute meet stickers.
• Please pay attention to the event calls. Order of events listed on the website. We cannot search for athletes!
• Results usually take a day or two to finalize. Please contact coaches with any questions/concerns about results