This month we will be coming to the end of the 2017 Board of Directors session before taking a two month hiatus and commencing the 2018 season in September.

In addition to losing members each year due to their athletes aging up, Tigres has also expanded the number of positions and included more defined roles for each member. As a result there are several open positions and we are seeking parent volunteers to fill these positions. In addition to helping with many of the decisions that are made, each board member plays a very active role each season, beginning 2-3 months before signups as well as throughout the Feb-May season during practices and meets.

If you are interested in joining the board or have any questions about what is involved, let us know. You can fill out the form on the Board Members page or you can also talk to a board member at our end of season awards picnic this Sunday. You can find the list of open positions on the Board Member page under “2017 Volunteer Board Positions”
OPEN positions are:
  • Treasurer (this is an Executive Board position, and this person will work with the outgoing Treasurer through the 2018 season and assume full Treasurer role effective with the 2019 season)
  • Asst. Facilities Coordinator (to be assistant to current F.C. for the 2018 season)
  • Asst. Registration Coordinator (to work with current R.C. for the 2018 season)
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Snackbar Coordinator (will be provided assistance by past S.C. if needed)


Description of roles:

Section 5.03 Facilities/ Operations Coordinator
Monitors, manages, inspects and replaces necessary equipment and materials housed in our sheds at Buena High School. (ex. Ez-ups, radios, coolers, folding chairs, tables, shelving, binders, event bins, bin contents, etc.)
Be the liaison with the district and obtain all the permits required (Track, picnic location, and any others needed)
Meet responsibilities: Consistently opens the gates and sheds at the locks them down at every meet. Managing the set-up and take down volunteers, works in conjunction with the President in the positive progression of the (home) track meets.
Section 5.04 Registration Coordinator
Maintains e-mail list for requested registration reminders through Tigres website,
Preps the Blue Sombrero site for early registration,
Runs test with all board members registering; adjusts for issues,
E-mails reminders to list of priority families from volunteer coordinator,
E-mails reminders to new and non-priority for open registration,
Maintains registration by answering e-mail questions, assisting registrants with trouble shooting, dealing with drops,
Maintains waitlist up until the first meet (or practice meet or last day to add),
Keeps treasurer up to date with refunds,
Maintains records of verified dates of birth (passports/birth cert.),
Scholarships need to be maintained and scholarship families added to roster.
Section 5.07 Public Relations  Coordinator – Maintains and updates all of Club’s social media including Web Site, Facebook, Twitter etc. with pertinent materials and information. Prepares press releases and submits them to the local papers upon approval from the Board.
Coordinate Picture Day, Fundraisers, and Scholarships.

Section 5.09 Snack Coordinator
Maintains an accounting of Snacks and supplies.
Puchase inventory  as needed.
Meet Responsibilities:
Responsible for the management of the sale of snacks at all home meets and is in charge of maintaining an accurate accounting of necessary stock.  Coordinates with Treasurer for petty cash and to give an accounting of all income and expenses after each meet.