On behalf of All Tigres Coaches  –  –  Welcome Athletes and Parents to the 2020 Tigres Season!
We are excited to catch up with all of the returning athletes and meet all of the new athletes joining this year.

It was a pleasure meeting many of you at last night’s Parent Meeting. Coach Matt shared a lot of good information & I will send a copy of the presentation, complete with links, as soon as I get a copy.

1st PRACTICE TOMORROW!    Wednesday, Feb 5     ENDS @ 5:30 (not the normal 6:00) owing to potential light issues.  Begins promptly @ 4:30.             No other practices this week.   Next week we begin the full schedule  https://www.venturatigres.org/practice/

We have some great Coaches but we need a few more!!!!  No experience required, just a good attitude and the availability to attend… Coaches are permitted to be on the field at meets!!!          Please contact me if you are able to help out  midgets@venturatigres.org

I will share more practice and meet specific info as the season moves along.  A few quick hits & reminders –

  • Please be punctual at practice pick up time. It will be dark and cold!!
  • Track rules-  Water only, no food inside the fence.  Coaches & Athletes only inside the fence during practice (+ active, applicable Volunteers during meets).  We Tigres are fortunate to have a fantastic relationship with Buena High School & we need to do our small part to maintain it.
  • We are transitioning away from our current Age Division name of ‘Midgets’ this year. This season, the term ’12U’ will be used along with the current name to prepare for next year’s complete drop of the term ‘Midget’.
  • Participation in other sports may present schedule issues for your athletes – please let us know!  And THEN get your athlete out for straight line running on pavement… Other sport conditioning is different from what we do on the track!!
  • There are 83 Tigres in our age group.  Please get their names on ANYTHING they bring/wear to practice (sweatshirts, water bottles, hats, etc).  Left/Lost Stuff really wants to find its way home!         AND, please include your athlete’s name when you contact us.  We’ll learn everyone’s name eventually, but it will take some time.
  • The meet schedule is posted, BUT some of the meet start times may change (for instance, Heritage Valley will likely be under the lights, the 2 day meet is a Friday evening/all day Saturday event, and one other home meet might have an early afternoon start).  I will let you if/when the start times are altered..


I am really looking forward to getting started tomorrow… This is going to be a great season!

-Coach Spencer            midgets@venturatigres.org