Tomorrows practice (Weds 2/24) will be moved to Arroyo Verde Park while the Buena High Boys Soccer Team competes in a 2nd round playoff match. For those of you new to Tigres this year – our Arroyo Verde meeting spot is the grass right where the first parking lot is (appx 400 yards from the entrance to the park). Around 5:00 when the sun starts to set, it can get chilly at Arroyo Verde, so please be sure to send your athlete with something warm they can throw on  near the end of practice.


With the change of practice location, we are forced to miss another planned apparel sales/distribution day. There are many who have yet to purchase or pickup uniforms – so you will have an opportunity to do so next week as follows:

TUESDAY        (3/1)   4:30-6:00

WEDNESDAY  (3/2)   4:30-6:00

On those days, come directly behind the bleachers and into the gate that leads under the bleachers and you will find the apparel team setup there.


We are less then two weeks from our first practice meet – and we will have much more info to send out as we get closer. As we lead up to that day, you will start getting calls from our “Volunteer Callers” to make sure you know your volunteer role for the practice meet. For all those new to Tigres this year, we cant stress enough the importance of volunteers at a youth track meet.  And the practice meet serves many purposes – but the most important are to help the kids learn how a track meet flows and what to anticipate – for parents its a little bit of that as well, but also to learn our volunteers roles. The volunteer callers who will be calling are doing their volunteer shifts off the track – so please be responsive to their calls so they arent needing to call 3-4 times to confirm you for your shift. Its a bit of work for them to have to spend several days making these calls – so every extra call is only adding to that for them.

As always, if you have any questions you can email them here anytime, ask a Tigres Board Member or Support Staff or any coach.