Hi Bantams and Bantam parents,

I hope you all had a great time at Saturday’s meet!

I was once again impressed with this Bantam team. I saw speed, enthusiasm, camaraderie, effort, and determination – and patience too!

A few quick notes:

If your child signs up for a relay and can not make the meet, it’s critical that you let the coaching staff know so that we replace them and the relay can compete.

Second, please remember that we have 77 Bantams with 77 families sitting in various locations at these events. We have coaches on the field and team parents under our Bantam tent. If you choose to sit somewhere besides near the Bantam tent and your athlete is with you, please listen for the calls for your athlete’s events and watch for fellow Bantams gathering on the field.

We will make every effort we can to find all athletes signed up for each event up until 3rd call and then we must head to staging. If your athlete is not there, they will miss their event. 🙁

The events are always in the same order at the meets, so please anticipate when your athlete will be needed on the field.

Practice this week:

4:30- 5:30 regular practice
5:30-6:00 Relays (only relay participants need to stay)

Thank you all!

Goooooo Bantams!