WOW, let me say it again. WOW!!!

What impressive speed, form, endurance, grit, determination, effort, enthusiasm, and sportsmanship I saw out there today.

Thank you all for your patience as we worked out the kinks, made a few mistakes, and learned a lot.

For those of you new to Tigres you may be thinking, do the coaches know that my child is running the 4 x100 and they are already announcing second call for the 1600???? The answer is yes! We have an amazing group of coaches on the field and team parents in the stands working together to make sure all athletes get where they need to be.

That being said, with 78 athletes and on a good day, 6 coaches, it is challenging at times. Therefore, having coaches, athletes, and parents listening for the calls is always a good thing.

A few things to note:

If your child signs up for a relay and for some reason they can not run it, PLEASE let me know ASAP. Rearranging teams or finding a replacement takes time and the more time we have the better.

Regarding relays, most of our teams would have been DQ’ed if this had been a real meet. No worries, that is what today was all about. To hopefully avoid this next week, I highly encourage getting your athletes to the Tuesday or Friday relay clinics if they plan on running relays regularly. We will devote some time to relays on Monday and Wednesday this week as well.

Please, please, please clearly label your athletes extra clothes. What frequently happens is that athletes take off sweatshirts and hand them to coaches or toss them on the ground and go run their race. When they finish, they are hot and no longer thinking about sweatshirts and we are left with 15 black Tigres sweatshirts in size medium:) We will be putting into place a better system to keep Bantam gear together but labeling is critical.

I came home today with a brand new Tigres bag filled with sweat pants, a sweatshirt and a water bottle and no name. It was left in the stands and I will bring it on Monday.

A big thank you to Erin Sap and his timing crew, the staging volunteers, our team parents, long jump volunteers, set up and take down crews, announcers, and all of the other parent volunteers I am forgetting to mention for making it a pretty darn smooth practice meet.

This is going to be a great season.

2016 Bantams- YOU ROCK!!!!

Coach Carol

***Please plan on 6:00 pick up this week, so we can practice relays. ******