Hello Gremlins,

Our practice meet on 3/9 is quickly approaching!  Typically, Gremlins will sign up for events at the Thursday practice before the meet by indicating which events they want to do on a sheet next to the sign in/out clip boards.  I will not be at practice on 3/7 or at the meet on 3/9 (our assistants will be in charge). Sign ups for the practice meet will take place at this Thursdays practice 2/28.  The practice meet is an abbreviated meet designed to acquaint parents and new Tigres with the meet process.  Gremlins will only be able to compete in 2 running events (4×100 relay, 400m, 100m) and the long jump.  Please come ready to sign up for events at this Thursday’s 2/28 practice if your Gremlin will be participating in the 3/9 practice meet.

Go Tigres!