Dear parents

We are quickly approaching the end of our regular season. Only 2 meets remain before League Finals (formally called “JV”) and VCYTC Championships (formally “Varsity”).

Here are some important things to think about as we approach League Finals and VCYTC Championships:

– Any and all athletes may compete at League Finals

– Only athletes that qualify may compete at VCYTC Championships

– Qualification for the VCYTC Championships is based on athlete rankings within our conference, as follows: For the 800M and the 1600M the top 12 athletes compete; for all other distances, the top 9 compete; for field events, the top 9 will compete.

– In order to compete in an event at League Finals, the athlete must have competed in that event during the regular season. If, for instance, your athlete thinks they want to compete in the 400 at League finals but they have not run the 400 at a previous meet, they must run the 400 this week or next week. The same goes for all field events.

– If an athlete qualifies for and decides to compete in an event at VCYTC Championships, they can not compete in that same event at League Finals – but they can compete in any other events (as long as they have previously competed in that event.) Exception – (of course!) if an athlete runs the 100 at VCYTC Championships, they can not run the 4×100 at League Finals and if an athlete runs the 400 at VCYTC Championships, they can not run the 4×400 at League Finals.

I hope this makes sense, feel free to email me back with questions. I encourage you to encourage your kids to try a new race or two over the next two meets, to allow them to have more options with the League Finals and VCYTC Championships.

To see current league rankings, use the below link (the So Cal Invitational results are not yet in the standings)

Happy running and GooooOOOOO Bantams