Hi 8U Families,

Saturday is the last meet of the season for many of our 8U athletes. For our family, the season always feels slow at the beginning and then it’s over before we know it. The last meet is bittersweet- while I’m sure everyone will be happy to have their Saturdays back, there is also sadness to say goodbye to track and all the positive energy and competition that comes with it. I hope all of your kids had a great experience and will sign up again next year.

I want to let you know that I will not be there on Saturday because I have to be out of town. Coaches Whitney, Chris D., Chris K., and Charne will be there to take the lead.

The JV finals are open to all athletes. We will have sign up sheets at practice today and on Thursday. In order to participate in an event in the JV finals the athlete needs to:

1) have participated in that event at least once during the regular season (except for relays, an athlete need not have competed in a relay during the regular season to compete in a relay at JV.

2) have NOT qualified for that event in the Varsity Finals. If an athlete qualifies for an event at the Varsity Finals, they can NOT participate in that event at the JV finals. Also, the same event limit for the JV meet applies (maximum of 4 events- a maximum of 3 running events plus long jump).

In terms of logistics for next Saturday, the meet start time is at 8:30. Like last week, I ask you to please get your athletes to the stands at Fillmore by 7:45 so we can get the long jump started as soon as possible. Most of the kids participate in long jump and that event alone can slow down the entire meet so we appreciate your help getting this going first thing in the morning.

I also wanted to let you know that the Junior Varsity meet involves 5 conference teams so it will be a very long day. Please plan accordingly by bringing lots of food and water and applying sunscreen. Also, because there are so many athletes participating, they will be waiting in the stands for their events rather than hanging out in the field. Please help the coaches by knowing what event your child is doing and listening for the call for that event.

Also, I look forward to celebrating with your families at the end of season picnic on Sunday, May 7 from 12:00-3:00 pm at Buena High School.

Please text me if you have any questions, and thanks again for your support in making this a great season.


Coach Mike