Hello 8U Families,

Based on this season’s results we have several athletes who have qualified for the VCYTC Varsity Finals.

Congratulations to them on their achievement!

4x100m Relay: Marina Brickey, Chloe Hathaway, Lila Torres, and Kayla Weber
100m- Kayla Weber, Evie Bart, and Marina Brickey
200m- Marina Brickey and Makena Madden
400m- Kayla Weber, Marina Brickey, and Chloe Hathaway.
800m-Lila Torres
1600m- Kayla Weber and Grace Biller
Long Jump- Genevieve Hauer and Marina Brickey

4x100m Relay: Jayden De Kroon, Gideon Rosenberg, Nash Newman, and Austin Bell
Long Jump- Jayden De Kroon.

The varsity meet will be held at Moorpark High School on Saturday May 6th, 2023.


Coach Mike