Hey there 8u families!

We had a wonderful second practice today with the weather in a far better place than last week.  We’re expecting clear skies for the rest of this week and the next! Some quick things for you:

Things to ask your kid: (Things we are learning at practice that you can ask them about!)

  1. How many meters is it 1 lap around the track (Answer: 400 meters)
  2. Why is it important to run Turtle speed, aka not running as fast as you can (Answer: When we run at slower speeds, we can run farther distances without stopping)
  3. What field event did you learn how to do today (Answer: Long jump)

Things to remember: 

  • Jackets: While most kids are running pretty warm through practice, it can get pretty chilly starting at 5pm.  Make sure your kids bring a jacket in these cooler days for the beginning and end of practice.
  • Water bottles: Each athlete should have a good water bottle (with their name on it) for each practice

Hope to see you and your athletes this coming Thursday at practice!

Coach Scott