Practice tomorrow is at 4:30 at Arroyo Verde Park. We will meet at the first bathrooms. 

Our next meet is this Saturday March 14th at 1:00 PM at Nordhoff high school in Ojai.

Please be at the meet in the Gremlin tent with your runner by 12:30 to get their sticker on and line up for our first event

Our athletes have many more options this week.

The order of running events is:

3200 (NOT a Gremlin event)

Hurdles (NOT a Gremlin event)





800 (NOT a Gremlin event)


4×400 (NOT a Gremlin event)

Field events will include:

Long Jump (Gremlins usually go first at 1:00pm so be on time!)

High Jump (NOT a Gremlin event)

Shot Put (NOT a Gremlin event)

Gremlins can run in 3 events and do long jump. If an athlete exceeds their event total, they will be disqualified for all of their events for that meet. We will try to monitor this as best we can, but ultimately the athletes themselves need to be aware of their events.

Sign-ups will be on the clipboards at practice starting tomorrow. If your 8U Gremlin in not going to attend the meet, please have him/her draw a line through his/her name. Please do not email me after Friday at noon to add your child to the roster for the meet.  If your child signs up for a relay, please make sure they have attended practice to work on this skill – if we don’t have a multiple of 4, we may be unable to run everyone in a relay – please know I will do my best to give everyone a chance.  Additionally, if your child signs up for a relay, their other 3 teammates are counting on them to show up – if they can’t make it at the last minute, please let me know ASAP.

Since we missed Tuesday practice you can also email me your athletes events for the meet if you cannot be at practice tomorrow.

My email is:

Starting with our first official meet Saturday, you will find the results posted on our website.

See you tomorrow at Arroyo Verde Park

Coach Jim