Hello 12U Families!

Just another reminder that we are practicing at the Ventura High School track all week.

We are excited preparing for the upcoming meet in Thousand Oaks! Please note that this is an AFTERNOON meet. It starts at 4pm and will run into the night under the lights. Make sure your athlete is at the Thousand Oaks Facility and on the field by 3:30 ready to warm up if they are participating in any of the first events. This is especially important for the 4×100 relay teams. You can find the order of events here Order of Events – Ventura Tigres We generally don’t have start times for each event as it is all dependent on how many runners/heats each team has.

It is important to note that if your athlete signs up for a relay team they need to make sure to be at the meet and/or let us know ahead of time if something comes up. The runners rely on one another! The 4×400 relay is at the end of the day so if your runner signs up for that event, please make sure you stay until the end.

We are already seeing progress happening with many of our athletes! Keep up the good work 12U!!