We would like to remind all the Ventura Tigres athletes about the clothing and uniform requirements (dress code) for all meets and practices as stated in the 2012 Season Participant Handbook (download the handbook here).

Official Tigres jerseys & shorts are required for meets. It is the responsibility of each athlete to provide his or her own running shoes.

Running shoes are available in local sporting goods stores, and range in price from $75.00 to over $100.00. Bantams, Midgets and Youth & Intermediate age groups are allowed to wear spiked track shoes. Spikes must be “needles” and cannot exceed 3/16″ in length when used on the all-weather tracks in the county. We recommend that runners check with coaches before buying spiked shoes. Spikes are rarely worn at practices.

The Ventura Tigres dress code is as follows:

  • All athletes will arrive dressed for practice, not dressing at practice.
  • No visible undergarments, low riding shorts, or non running shorts/shoes.
  • All athletes will have loose fitting running shorts (compression or lycra shorts underneath is fine)

Please observe the athlete dress code – it will be enforced. Sweat suits or long pants and a jacket are recommended for practices and meets. Please label all clothing and shoes with a name and phone number.