Hello Parents –

Just a few reminders for those that are competing in the Invitational Meet tomorrow and Sunday in Santa Clarita:

  • Meet starts at 8:30 but the first events are ones in which Bantams athletes do not compete (3200 and hurdles), so no need to be there at 8;30.
  • See the attached schedule of events to help gauge your arrival time – but please be conservative so your athlete has ample time to get warmed up and into staging (https://www.venturatigres.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/9th-socal-youth-invite.pdf)
  • Note the open pit times for long jump, high jump, and shot put.  Athletes must start and finish those events in the prescribed times.
  • There are no event stickers for this meet.
  • Athletes must listen for event calls, get on the field and warmed up, and into staging when called.  Their names will be called in staging so they need to pay attention to be placed correctly.
  • Contact any of the Tigre coaches at the orange Tigre tents with any questions or guidance for this weekend.
  • Have a great time!

As always, contact me with any questions or concerns (805-797-5774)

Coach Kevin