Bantams and parents,

Thank you to all Bantam athletes and parents that were able to attend yesterday’s practice meet!

I saw lots of smiling faces and quick feet out there.

I hope that our new athletes and families have a better feel for how the meets run.

Please know that yesterday’s meet was fast.  If athletes felt a bit rushed moving from event to event, for better or worse, when another team is involved the time between events will be longer:)


We will have our first meet of the season against the Ojai Roadrunners this Saturday.

This will be an afternoon meet, with meet start time scheduled at 1:00.

On Monday and Wednesday, meet sign up sheets will be on the fence next to the sign in sheets.

The meet sign up sheets list all of the events that Bantams can participate in.

The running events are listed in the meet order to allow parents and athletes to get a feel for meet order and plan their races accordingly.

The field events are listed in order and are ongoing during the meet.

Please keep in mind, every meet starts with the 3200M and the hurdles; however, these events are not Bantam events and therefore are not listed on our sign up sheets.

Bantams are allowed to sign up for a total of 4 events with a maximum of 3 running events (with one exception(-see below)

There are 3 field events available to Bantams- the long jump, the high jump, and the shot put.

Any combination of running/field events are allowed as long as they do not exceed 3 running events.

Athletes do not need to compete in 4 events. There is no minimum number of events they need to participate in.

The exception to all of the above it the 4x400M. This is considered a “free event” and does not count toward the 3 maximum running events or the 4 maximum total events.

The 4 x400 relay is fun event (one of my favorites) that I encourage athletes to participate in.  However, it is always the last event of the meet.  So, it is a commitment from both athletes and families to stay to the end.  Please keep this in mind when and if your athlete signs up.  If you decide to sign up and then choose to leave before the event, you leave behind 3 other athletes and families that have been waiting for nothing.  Not a great way to make friends:)

If your athlete will not be able to attend that week’s meet, please put a single line through their name on the sign in sheet.

This is going to be a great season!

Gooooo Bantams!!!


Coach Carol