Hello Parents –

I hope that both our parent volunteers and athletes enjoyed Saturday’s practice meet!  All of the coaches were impressed with the bantam athletes’ effort, behavior and attitude yesterday.  We are all looking forward to watching them compete this season, and helping them reach their goals.

Because there was a limited number of events offered at the practice meet, the meet moved much more quickly than our regular season track meets.  Regular season meets will obviously take longer and not move as fast, so our athletes won’t be as rushed getting to their events, and will have more time to get assembled, warmed up, as well as be able to take a rest in between their events.

Our first regular season meet is this weekend at Buena, where we will be competing with Heritage Valley.  It is scheduled to start at 8:30AM.  We will have sign up sheets are practice this week for your athlete to sign up for their events.  Please remind them to sign up.  Of particular importance moving forward is the following:

  • All running events are available for Bantams, with the exception of hurdles and the 3200m.
  • All field events are available for Bantams.  To compete in the high jump, athletes must be cleared to participate in this event by the high jump specialty coaches.
  • Athletes may sign up for a maximum of four events, with no more than three running events. There is no minimum number of events for athletes to sign up for.
  • The 4×400 relay does not count against an athlete’s event total.  If your athlete has any interest at all in this race, I would strongly encourage them to try it.  It’s one of the more exciting races, and everyone gets to cheer their teammates on!
  • If an athlete exceeds their event totals, they will be disqualified for all of their events for that meet, and their times will not be posted.  Coaches will monitor this as best as possible, but athletes themselves need to be aware of their events.

As always, feel free to call/text (805-797-5774) or email me (bantams@venturatigres.org) with any questions or concerns

Coach Kevin