Hi All,

We have had some fun, but tiny practices this week! I still need sign-ups for this Saturday (April 6th at Moorpark HS  for the following athletes:

Bella B.

Kailey C.

Lucy H.

Hannah I.

Brynn K.

Evelyn M.

Sabrina M.

Leela M.

Rebecca M.

Ellie N.

Audrey R.

Bailey R.

Hannah S.

Mikayla V.

Avery W.

Andre A.

Anders B.

Maxwell B.

Jasper D.

Carsten D.

Ben F.

Nathan G.

Owen K.

Ryan K.

Ethan M.

Gresham M.

Henry O.

Jack S.

Michael W.

I will not be at Specialty practice tomorrow, so please email me ASAP with their events bantams@venturatigres.org or text me at (805) 766-7171.

Thanks so much!

Coach Kristin