Although our practice meet was designed to primarily train the volunteers, your Bantam coaches were so impressed with the dedication and grit of all of our athletes! They are SO much fun to watch!!


Please know that for the regular season, there will be more time between events which will make for smoother and longer transitions as well as more rested athletes. We appreciate all of your support as we worked out the kinks.


For the meet next week with Heritage Valley at Fillmore high school, our athletes have many more options.


The order of running events is:

3200 (NOT a Bantam event)

Hurdles (NOT a Bantam event)







4×400 (free event – not counting towards their total)


Field events will include:

Long Jump

High Jump (they must be cleared by a coach to compete)

Shot Put (they should attend a specialty day on either Tuesday or Friday)


The total event total is 4 (the 4×400 does NOT count), three of which can be running. If an athlete exceeds their event total, they will be disqualified for all of their events for that meet. We will try to monitor this as best we can, but ultimately the athletes themselves need to be aware of their events.


If your athlete is interested in trying High Jump, they must be cleared through the High Jump coach on either Thursday or Friday. Also, if they have an event or skill they are serious about improving upon (i.e., relay, starts, long jump, shot put) they should try to attend a specialty day or two that focuses on that skill.


Information for March 16th:


Arrival time: 8:00 sharp on the field


Start time: 8:30


Location: Fillmore High School     555 Central Ave. Fillmore, CA


Sign-ups will be on the clipboards starting tomorrow. If they are not going to attend the meet, please have them draw a line through their name.


Starting with our first official meet next week, you will find the results posted on our website.

Thanks again for all of your support!