Hello Parents –

Just a friendly reminder about the specialty practice schedule for today and Friday.  If your athlete plans on participating in the Long Jump this weekend, and they have not yet attended a long jump practice on the specialty days, I would highly encourage them to attend at least one of the practices in the next few days.  If your athlete would like to compete in the High Jump beginning our first regular season track meet (March 10th), they must attend High Jump practice, and be cleared by the coaches in order to compete in the High Jump during a meet.  This is because they must be able to clear the opening bar height for each age group.

The schedule for High Jump and Long Jump over the next few days is as follows:

  • Thursday: Long Jump and High Jump during both sessions (4:30-5:15 and 5:15-6:00)
  • Friday: High Jump from 4:30-5:15; Long Jump from 5:15-6:00

Check out the specialty practice schedule for a full list of options (https://www.venturatigres.org/practice/).  Athletes may not participate in the same activity more than once per practice day.  Please be sure that if they do attend specialty practices that they find their way to the correct event/activity for that day.

As always, feel free to call/text or email me with any questions or concerns.

Coach Kevin (797-5774; bantams@venturatigres.org)