HI parents,

I am still missing SoCal Youth Invitational sign ups for the following athletes:

Charlie, Grace, Hazel L, Hazel R, Kalea, Layla, Makayla, paige, Ryann, Victoria,

Ben, Christian, Finn, Fletcher, Jess, Joaquin V, Julian, Kadyn, Myles, Noah, Ramsey, Sol, and Tyler


Event limit for this meet is up to 3 and can be either:

1 relay and 2 individual


2 relay and 1 individual


** 4×400 counts as a relay

** both field and running events count as individual


I will be at track for the first session today (Friday) and the sign ups will be on the fence.

Thank you.

I hope your athletes can make it to this meet, it is a great experience and definitely a PR opportunity.


Coach Carol