We have a few “WEEK 3” announcements/updates for everyone – see below for:

  • Track Rules & Safety Info for Practice & Meets at Buena High
  • New Tigres Q&A
  • Uniform & Apparel distribution
  • The March 7th practice meet


We are glad to be at Buena High this week for our practices. Tuesdays practices were cancelled however so that the Buena High School Girls Soccer could win their 2nd round CIF-SS match 2-1 over  They move to the 3rd round @ Brea Olinda High School – good luck!

Tigres are fortunate to have use of the Buena High facility for our practices as well as for hosting our home meets. We work hard to keep maintain this privileged by respect the track and the rules. Without Buena and support from their track coaches who are also among or Tigres coaching staff (Michele Burns & Aaron Torres), a nice facility may not otherwise be possible. We ask that you observe and follow the following rules – not only out of respect for Buenas track but also for everyone’s safety!


Important Rules – Practices and meets

The Buena H.S. track and field includes artificial turf and an all weather track. These materials are very sensitive. Damage created by negligence or even “accidents” could result in the loss of our privilege to use the facilities. Therefore, very strict rules will be in place during meets and practices.

  • The turf field will be strictly “off-limits” at all times to non-athletes – this means parents are not to walk onto the track to get to the field at any time – practice or meets except for going to your scheduled volunteer area during a meet. If you need to get to the field to give your son/daughter their water or a sweater or for some other reason, please speak to a coach or board member first.
  • Only water bottles with water will be allowed on the track or in the jumping areas. Absolutely no chewing gum or food are allowed on the track or turf area.
  • Spiked shoes should rarely be used in practice. Coaches will determine when this is acceptable. On race day, track spikes must be approved by the Clerk of the Course – 3/16″ needles or less.
  • Removable tape can be used for relay and jumping marks. Beyond that, absolutely nothing should be stuck to or pushed into the track or turf (e.g. sticks or stakes).
  • Extreme caution should be used when using or transporting tools and shot puts around the track and turf.
  • No dogs (of any size) are allowed in the stadium area AT ANY TIME! Practices AND meets included. Please be sure to inform family and friends coming to enjoy the meet about this rule.

Safety (Please observe these safety rules)

  • Wear shoes at all times
  • Do not throw objects on the track, field or in the stands
  • No “horse-play” in the stands
  • Do not climb on (or under) the bleachers
  • Stay off the turf portion of the stadium
  • Be careful with spiked shoes
  • Respect the track and the athletes running on it


If any of the new Tigres families have questions, board members are still planning to be around Wednesday & Thursday during or near the end of practice. Please don’t hesitate to come up and ask.


The apparel booth is not going to be at practices this week, but next week on March 3rd and 5th from 4:00-6:00pm – your uniforms will be distributed, and if you weren’t able to get your uniform purchased during the first two weeks, there will be a line for you to purchase the required meet uniform. Please be sure to do so if you have not as the that weekend (3/7) will be our practice meet followed by our first meet of the season on 3/14.


Our practice meet is in 10 days. This will help our new athletes understand where to be for their events and when – as well as for parents to understand their roles as volunteers. We run a limited number of events for each age group – and your coaches will have signup sheets for their events. Athletes will be instructed on how many they can sign up for. More information on the meet will be provided by your coaches.