Hi 12U Families!

It looks like we have over 20 athletes who have not signed up for events this weekend. Please let us know by today what your athlete would like to run and/or if they do not plan to participate. We need to start getting our spreadsheets in order to be prepared for the weekend.

I hope that they all can attend and give their best for the final JV meet of the season- it will be an exciting one!

Here are names of athletes that have not signed up:

Girls: Anceline, Blake, Lily, Isabella G, Camille M, Amelia, Trudy, Zoe

Boys: Ian A, Nico, Isaac, Liam J, Manny, Tyler, Nathaniel, Samuel, Brennan, Jacob, Liam R, Levi R, Ezekiel, Cyrus, Mawson

Thank you-Coach Kate and Kat