This Saturday is the Tigres Practice Meet.  We will have two clipboards (one boys and one girls) on the fence at practice for athletes to sign up for their events.  Please do your best to sign up by the end of practice on Wednesday.

The purpose of the practice meet is to train all the parent volunteers on how to run a Tigres track meet.  Each age group will be doing a subset of all the possible events, so there will be a much smaller selection of events to choose from.  For the practice meet, Midgets will have the option of participating in:

4 x 100 Meter relay

200m Dash


80m Hurdles

Shot Put

Each athlete can compete in a total of 3 events, only 2 of which can be running events.  Please keep an eye on the Tigres website for more information regarding the practice meet (start time, order of events, etc.).  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask one of the coaches or email me at