A reminder that Monday will be the first day of practice for the Youth/Intermediate (also know as 13-14 and 15-16).  Practice starts at 4:30, but please try to be a few minutes early to get checked in.

Before athletes are allowed to participate in practice, all paperwork (including age verification for new athletes) must be complete.

– When arriving at practice, athletes need to get their name tag. There will be a board member at each age group that will be handing them out.
– If all of the paperwork is order, they will be given their name tags and they can continue to practice.
– If they have any issues with their paperwork, the board member will instruct them to head to the central tent to hand in anything that is missing.
– Once everything is in order, they can come back to the table to get their name tag and continue to practice.

Looking forward to seeing all of the returning athletes and meeting all of the new athletes.