Welcome to the 2016 season!!!

Thank you to everyone who attended the parent information meeting on Monday.  If you were not able to attend, you can find the material that was presented on the homepage of the Tigres website.  If you have any questions about the material or if there was information that was not covered, please feel free to email midgets@venturatigres.org or call me at 650-678-3681.

We can’t wait to meet the team and kick things off this Monday.  Here are a few things to be aware of or keep in mind:

Please remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to run in.  Also, remember to label everything you bring to the track with your name.

We will be starting practice with a team meeting for the Midget athletes.  Please try to be on time (even a few minutes early wouldn’t hurt) because this will be important information for the athletes.

After the team meeting, we will be starting our Functional Movement Screening.  More information will be sent about this, but we have a local sports chiropractor that will be running all of our athletes through a screening that will hopefully help us identify areas that could potentially increase the likelihood of injury.  Again, more to come on this topic in the next couple days.

You’ll notice on the left hand side of the 11-12 team website, there is a link to the Midget Goal Worksheet.  We will be discussing this at practice on Monday, but it would be great if you could download the form and start working on filling it out.

We’ll see everyone on Monday!