Gremlin Families,

Great first week of practice. I think the kids are having a lot of fun.

Couple reminders:

  • Please sign in and out. I want to make sure all the kids are picked up and safe.
  • Please remind your kids to bring everything home. I already have a new water bottle that was left behind.
  • Label everything
  • Have the kids wear sweatshirts, not jackets. Wearing jackets unzipped is affecting their running. If they need to wear a jacket, we want to have it zipped up.

We still need more person/family to serve as team parents.  It requires sitting in the stands with the Gremlins during the meets – we only need one adult to be there at all times so it could be alternated between people/families.  This role fulfills your Tigres volunteer requirement

Carmelita Everard is Tigres’ Volunteer Coordinator.  Carmelita can be contacted at

Lastly, I will be out of town on Tuesday, but the other coaches will be there to make sure that the kids have a safe and fun practice!!

Go Gremlins!!

Coach Jim