Hello Gremlin families,

What a fun and exhausting Saturday!  We were very proud of how our Gremlins carried themselves and performed at their first official meet!  Overall, the meet went great and was a wonderful way to start the season.  Thank you to Team Parent Jennifer Loftus and her family.  Thank you to the assistant coaches who help make everything run.

A couple requests;

  1. Please arrive by 8am to get your child’s sticker and registered.  If your child is doing the long jump, this is absolutely necessary – we start promptly at 8:30am.  If your child is doing the relay, they must have checked in with me by 8:30am or else they may be dropped from the relay team – I need to find replacements ASAP in order to ensure the rest of the relay team can run. Please only sign up for a relay if your child will for sure be at the meet and on time.
  2. Please sit in the Gremlin area in the stands with our team parent – it will be more obvious at our future meets with a Tigres tent marking our area.  If your child is not sitting in the Gremiln area when the coaching staff come looking for him/her to stage for events, we will not go searching high and low for them – we have 46 kids to corral.
  3. Please ensure your child has used the bathroom before we take them onto the field.  It is not the coaches’ responsibility to take anyone to the bathroom – we don’t have enough staff – we need you to take them.  If they tell us they have to go to the bathroom while on the field, we will send them back to the Gremlin tent to find you to take them – he/she may miss an event.

Lastly, Buena HS is hosting another meet so we will not have practice on Thursday 3/21 – I just learned this today.  Please encourage your Gremlin to get in some extra running this week to make up for another missed practice.  Signups will be available at practice on Tuesday – you can email or text me, as well.  Encourage your kiddos to sign up for a new event – it’s always good to try a new one!

See you tomorrow!