Another successful meet thanks to the hard work your athletes are putting in! It was also great to see quite a few athletes try a new event. Keep encouraging them to try something new. There is more to track besides the relay, 100m, and 200m. Also, I highly encourage you to keep track of the top 20. If your athlete is close to or hold a varsity final spot (top 8 for laned events and top 12 for 800/1600m) please have your athlete continue to run those events. I will also be highlighting those events on the meet sign-up sheet. Regarding the varsity final relay team, I have started highlighting the top team and two alternates. If your child has a relay highlight it is very important that they show up to practice on Thursday’s. This insures they can practice with their team members. The club with the fastest relay team gets a plus one, and I would love for our club to have that extra team. Our coaches have been doing amazing things with our relay teams this season and I’m super excited to watch the athletes progress!

This week Gremlin practice will run as scheduled. However, Gremlins have the weekend off. There will not be sign-up sheets on the fence. Only sign-in and sign-out sheet will be up.

It has come to my attention that there are some issues with athlete ribbons. This is normal, as there are close to 300 athletes in our club. If your athlete is missing an event, or you think their place was a mistake, please let me know. These issues can be fixed.

Coach Michelle