Hello Gremlin families,

What an awesome meet!  We had so many PRs (Personal Records) but most importantly showed great sportsmanship with our Oxnard Star competitors.  Thank you for arriving on time, hanging out in the Gremlin tent area (at our home meets the tent is better placed for viewing along the 100m) and for taking care of your kid’s bathroom breaks 🙂  We learned that we have some fine tuning to do with our long jump marks – we spent considerable time doing that at yesterday’s practice.  Thursday’s practice will focus on a sprint/distant work and relay/strength depending on interest.

The next two meets fall during VUSD spring break (3/30 & 4/6).  Please let me know if your Gremlin will be missing a meet.  We will be having practice as usual during VUSD spring break.

This week’s meet on 3/30 is at home at Buena HS –  hooray!  Sign-ups are on the clipboard at practice. It is a great time to try a new event.  Please arrive to the meet at 8am for stickers & numbering (they are always in the tent) and to be registered as present – by 8:15am the long jumpers will be on the field warming up.  Please check-in with me by 8:30am for the relay or else the spot may be reassigned.

Lastly, the Gremlins do not compete in the meet on April 13-14 so all Gremlins have that weekend off.

See you at practice on Thursday and the meet on Saturday!