So far it looks like today is intermittent light rain. Practice is still being held however, athletes will not be practicing in the long jump pit. We will also be doing a condensed strength session. As a result of this practice will end between 5:30-5:40. PLEASE PICK YOUR ATHLETE UP ON TIME. Clipboards will be on the fence for this weekends meet sign-ups. I am encouraging all athletes to sign up as early as possible. Sign-up sheets are available at both Tuesday and Thursday practices. If you know your athlete will not be at the meet please cross their name off of the sign-up sheet. This weekend we will be running against the Oxnard Stars. The meet is being held at Oxnard HS. All athletes must be there at 8. Too many have been showing up right before the meet start or running to events at 8:45. Athletes need to be on time to get meet stickers, obtain information that is put out, and give coaches an opportunity to find relay replacements. When an athlete is 30-45 minutes late I have no choice but to assume they are a “no-show”, and I do replace. As always, any questions please feel free to contact me.

Coach Michelle